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The Natives (also known as Islanders) are minor enemies in Metal Slug 5. There are also ones who appear in Metal Slug Advance with a bird mask. They are known to protect ancient ruins.


These natives live in the Corridor of Fire, protecting the secrets that lies within these caves. They will attack any intruders using spears, torches or axes. The stone masks they wear appear in the form of a face (Bird in Metal Slug Advance). The masks acts as shields to withstand enemy fire, similar to the shield used by Rebel Army infantry.

Native Army


Regular Native: The regular one is a worthless enemy that never attacks and has no weapon. Only appears at the start of the mission 1.

NATIVE 1.gif
Axe Native: The Axe Natives use a type of Tomahawk. They can throw their axes but are also potent in close combat.

Spear Native: The Spear Natives use spears, which they throw towards the enemy.

Torch Native: The Torch Native is a variant of the Spear Native, preferring to throw torches instead of spears.

Bird Mask Variant: This is only a redeco of the normal ones. Only appears in Metal Slug Advance, Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack.


Native Columns: These kinds of columns dispatch hordes of Native warriors. Upon landing on the player, the player will be instantly killed, regardless of invincibility frames or vehicles currently being ridden.

Temple Traps: There are 3 kinds of traps located in the Temple. The first is a river of fire, which will incinerate anyone unfortunate enough to fall into it. The second are traps of fire that will burn the player if touched. The third trap is encountered earlier in the temple. It consists of a ceiling filled with spikes pointing down towards the player. The ceiling will lower, eventually impaling and killing the player, as well as rest of the maggots and natives. The only way to survive this trap is to crouch near "holes" in the ground, which will prevent the spikes from impaling the player.

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Maggot: This type of worm lives on the temple, they are found in a nest of maggots. They will sacrifice themselves by spitting their acidic body fluids.

Other Appearences

At the end of the first mission of Metal Slug 5, a group of Natives find a white mask. One of them takes his own mask off and places the white one on his face — lightning then strikes him. This is probably the origin of the cult-looking members of the Ptolemaic Army.


Ptolecultmember.gif Ptolemaic colonel.gif Ptolemaic pioneer.gif


  • The design of the natives is based on the Incas, and the style of the temple is based on the Aztecs and Mayans.
  • The native that got hit by the lightning at the end of Mission 1 is speculated to be the leader of the Ptolemaics, or at least, a member of the cult.
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