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Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection is a series of Neo Geo Pocket (Color) ports released for the Nintendo Switch by Code Mystics. Each game costs $8 USD, and a volume of ten selected games is available for $40 USD.



  • Multiplayer: Games with VS. modes can be played on either Docked and Tabletop modes with each player controlling their own Neo Geo Pocket.
  • Touch Control: Use the Nintendo Switch's touchscreen to view the game's physical contents and control the game by tapping on the Neo Geo Pocket's physical buttons.

Item Settings

  • Box: View a 3D rendition of the game's box, case, and cartridge.
  • Manual: View the game's manual.
  • Language: Play the game's Japanese and English versions. Changing this setting also affects the game's box and manual.
  • Device: Play the game on a Neo Geo Pocket (Black & White), Neo Geo Pocket Color, or the New Neo Geo Pocket Color model. Note that some NGPC games are incompatible with the original NGP.

Game Settings

  • Controls: Map the Nintendo Switch controls related to the Neo Geo Pocket Color.
  • Display: Change the current model's skins (or disable it), apply a screen filter, and zoom the game screen.
  • Manual: View the game's manual.
  • Rewind: Return a game's position by a number of seconds back.

Collection Game List

The two Metal Slug games are also available separately for $15 USD as part of the Metal Slug 1st & 2nd Mission Double Pack.

Volume 1
Game Standalone B&W Players
Metal Slug: 1st Mission No Yes 1
Metal Slug: 2nd Mission No No 1
SNK Gals' Fighters Yes No 1-2
Samurai Shodown! 2 Yes Yes 1-2
King of Fighters R-2 Yes Yes 1-2
The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny Yes No 1-2
Fatal Fury First Contact Yes Yes 1-2
SNK Vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium Yes No 1-2
Dark Arms: Beast Hunter 1999 No Yes 1
Big Tournament Golf No Yes 1
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