M10A MS1stM

Night Flight is the tenth mission of Metal Slug: 1st Mission.

Mission Synopsis

M10B MS1stM

The Hero boards on a Slug Flyer to reach a Rebel fortress. While dodging the projectiles, the Hero also has to weave through the infrastructure and cranes placed around. As an autoscroller, the Flyer destructs when crushed between the screen and the structures. The Rebel Zeppelin appears in the background at the final stretch and is also the mission's boss. Destruction of the Slug Flyer in the obstacle course results in a Parachute Drop and a Game Over if during the boss battle.


Mission Entry

Mission Departure

  • Mission Complete: Proceed to Mission 11 (Fortress).
  • Parachute Drop Complete: Proceed to Mission 13 (Invasion in the Sea of Trees).