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Nikita is a new unit introduced in Metal Slug Attack. She debuts in the "Snatch Wars Season 11" Guild Ops.

Character Summary

Nikita is an officer of the Regular Army who loves feeling superior to others. She has strong leadership skills and the ability to read people. Nikita is also a speedy and flexible tactician. Her prowess lets her rise up the ranks rather quickly, which the top brass has trouble keeping up with her.

Despite her talent, Nikita's often treated as a child due to her appearance and small stature. She attempts to preserve her dignity by carrying a baton.

Nikita is a member of a famous and rich family but refuses to rely on them. She prefers to put in the effort herself.

In battle, she ride a customized Di-Cokka, which possesses a "Solanoid" Cannon which functions much like the Tani Oh's Andro Cannon.


Another Story

Nikita dresses up as a zombified commander for the upcoming Halloween party, having watched many movies to get the details right. She is one of the four "queens" of Halloween, the other three being Beatriz, Alma and Simon.

During the party, she sprays the participants with a zombie serum developed by the Amadeus Syndicate, though she starts to panic with Alma when Beatriz arrives with amnesia. She tries to stall her superiors, who are searching for the serum. Despite her efforts, she is eventually defeated, but Marco praises her ability to command zombies despite communication issues.

After her superiors defeat Beatriz and use the antidote to cure themselves of the serum, Marco reminds her to always keep her company's status during a mission, since she almost turned them into zombies for good.


  • Her appearance could be based on Anchovy from Girls und Panzer.
  • Her tank appears to be almost exactly the same model as the Rebel Di-Cokka, implying that both sides use almost the same hardware when the conflict started.
  • Despite making an appearance in Snatch Wars Season 11, she did not have any dialogue until the introduction of "Zombie Panic" story, but in her Halloween variant. In the first batch of the Beginner Support units however, she did have dialogue if she was selected by the player.


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Halloween Nikita


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