Nowan is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

A shapeshifter, capable of transforming into anything it has seen. Nowan has no idea what its original form looks like, however, nor any idea as to its own identity.

Its earliest memory is of seeing a large beast, which it promptly transformed into and then believed itself to be. Sometime thereafter it encountered a beautiful young girl - transforming again, the startled original demanded it to relinquish her form. This confused the shapeshifter. "I could do that, but then what would I become?" It realised it didn't know its own shape, and asked the girl who it was - "No one!" she cried, a label it subsequently took as a name.

Although even Nowan doesn't know its own gender (or even if it has one), they are referred to as male by other characters; however, in their special variant, the game describes them as female.

They have a sharp tongue, but they seem to care a lot about Odette.

Nowan is the most skilled mimic within the Invader army, capable of transforming into anything from just a quick observation (including complex machinery, such as the Sand Marine). As such, they're quite confident in their abilities, though they tend to be found out quickly because they never account for behavioral cues of the people they shapeshift into.


Extra Ops

First appearing in "Butterfly Disaster", Nowan reluctantly accompanies Fedeln Metzelei to Earth. When Fedeln accidentally releases his poison, Nowan chastises him as he almost melted through their anti-body suit that Annette gave them. Upon encountering Ptolemaic forces and being wounded by Caroline, Fedeln allows himself to be hit by gunfire, prompting Nowan to reluctantly save them as Annette would lecture them otherwise. As they leave Earth, Fedeln asks Nowan to accompany him again next time, which they flatly refuse.

Another Story

First appearing in the story "What I Need to be Myself", Nowan approaches Odette under the guise of Annette, teasing the short alien - much to her annoyance. On their mission to Earth to spy upon a Rebel Army base, Nowan becomes bored and attracts unwanted attention by causing havoc inside of it. They are soon apprehended by Allen O'Neil and son, after failing to convince each that they are the other.

Odette telepathically communicates with them and insists on a rescue, despite their warnings of a trap. She fails, and both are imprisoned, to be informed that Navy (the then-chief scientist) has decided to experiment on Odette first thing in the morning. Overnight, Nowan covers their sleeping companion and takes on her form, but as they are led away, Annette arrives to their rescue.

In "Fall of Disaster", Nowan lived on an unknown planet which was subsequently attacked by the Invaders. Nowan was taken by Schwarz Metzelei to be consumed later, but they somehow managed to escape and found enlistment in the Invader Army. Annette later paired them with Schwarz, bringing back unwanted memories which Odette was concerned with. Schwarz met Nowan, having forgotten about them but soon attempted to eat them as their erratic behavior reminded her of prey. However, Odette came to their rescue and they crash-landed into a Rebel facility. Nowan became conflicted in their mind but eventually resolved to save Odette, doing so by finding a spaceship strong enough to break the barrier generated by Schwarz's spaceship.


Introduction Video


  • Like Percier and Heidern, Nowan makes a cameo appearance before becoming unlockable.
  • It's name is a pun of "No One".
  • Nowan's gliding ability is sightly similar to Batman.
  • The palletteswap of Special Nowan is similar to the one in the concept art.
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