The Null Fighter is the primary and only type of airplane remaining of the Division 6.


This vehicle looks way more intact than the weary Japanese Tank Soldier, due to the fact that it wasn't used at all. Key components (such as wings, a propeller, etc.) could not be procured to the Division 6, leaving its soldiers with unfinished planes.

Nonetheless, it was still used by adding buckles directly relied to pulleys on it, allowing it to "fly" on a zip line installed just above the living quarters of the Japanese soldiers.

A single pilot is in each plane to use the firing command. When reaching the end of the line, the plane and the pilot will smack into a wall, crushing both of them in the impact.

The description given by the artist Max.D beside the plane's artwork says: "It isn’t worn out, but rather a still-being-made frame. People say “Oh, the materials could not be procured and so it wasn’t put in use, right?” but...

Some of them were hung from the ceiling to be used as practice crafts."


The plane fires a continuous barrage of bullets, which is impossible for the player to go through without getting hit. The player needs to hide under a hut to let the plane pass or to shoot it down before it fires.

Since several Null Fighters can attack at the same time, it can become very hard for the player to take cover at the right moment.


  • The Null Fighter appears to be a blend of a Mitsubishi A5M carrier-based fighter (cockpit and fuselage) and a Aichi D3A dive bomber (tail).
  • The name of the unit is a reference to the Mitsubishi A6M "Zero", given at the term "null" has a similar meaning with "zero".
  • It is the only enemy airplane in the Metal Slug franchise to use machine guns instead of bombs to attack the player.
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