Ocean Depths is the thirty-second mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.

Mission Synopsis

Gimlet arrives at the North Harbor and uses the Slug Sub to access a Rebel Base. In the meantime, Red Eye impatiently grabs the wrong Slug Sub at the South Harbor. In the first half of the mission, Gimlet travels from the left and Red Eye from the right. Both sides eventually meet in the middle, where they traverse down a shaft that is surrounded by spikes, missile salvos and currents that push the Slug Sub towards these obstacles. Octopuses also show up to take chase and latch onto the Slug Sub. The mission ends with a battle with the Rebel Submarine.

Destruction of the Slug Sub during the mission ends the mission prematurely and is considered Incomplete. If it occurs during the boss fight, then a Game Over appears.

Pre-mission Call


I’ve arrived at harbor and sent info on the bio. Is it a weapon? It looks like something else? It’s got to be an alien visitor.
Report confirmed. Leave decisions to Command HQ! Continue your mission!
Roger! Slug Sub is ready for battle. Moving out!

Red Eye

I’m at the harbor. I found Slug Sub. I’m moving out.
Wait, Red Eye. It’s the wrong one. Take #2! That sub’s going to another place! Red Eye! Red Eye! That idiot!


  • Mission Incomplete: Proceeds to Mission 33 (Breakthrough).
  • Mission Complete: Proceeds to Mission 35 (Menace Out of the Skies).