The Ohumein-Conga are minor enemies in Metal Slug 3, serving as mid-bosses in some routes.


More like a bigger and stronger version of the Chowmein-Conga, the Ohumein-Conga is a giant mutated crab, having a hard carapace that protects them and attacking by spewing acid bubbles and stabbing with their huge pincer claws. They are usually seen along with their little brothers, but in lesser numbers. Interestingly, getting run over by them won't kill a character (it will knock them down and they will get up), but will make them lose their Special Weapon (if any).

In Metal Slug Defense, their normal attack is to split a few acidic bubbles, while their special attack is to charge forward and keep stabbing the floor at the same time. If an enemy gets too close, they will bash it with their oversized claw.


Unlike the Chowmein-Conga, the Ohumein-Conga have different variations, each one identified by their different colors:

  • Red: Standard type that survives overground. Compared with the other versions, they have greater speed, but less power.
  • Brown: These ones are found underwater. They possess greater power than its brethren, but less speed.
  • Green: These ones are found in underground places. They have average power and speed.



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