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The Parachuetruck is a large support van used by the Rebel Army. It is introduced in Metal Slug 3.


The Parachuetruck is used to bombard an area with several volley-bombs under parachutes, and then are able to deploy Rebel soldiers by launching them with the launchers above its roof. The Rebels drop down to mop up any remains of the area after being devastated by its rocket barrage.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

In the 1.29.0 update, the Parachuetruck appeared as a defensive unit. Its only attack is to launch bombs directly in front. It was originally a very overpowered unit because of its cheap AP (250 AP), relatively quick production cooldown, very high HP, ridiculously high attack power, and consistent damage penetration through enemies.

It got nerfed in the 1.30.0 patch. Its production cooldown is slower, the miner's speed to deploy one takes four hits to build, and the bombs it fires now explode upon contact with enemies.

Metal Slug Attack

It appears again in the 2.0.0 update in the Extra Ops "Power of New Versions". Its cost is raised to 440 AP (on a bronze frame). Its attacks are the same, except for the attack range of its special attack, which can be increased by unlocking its 4th skill.

Metal Slug Infinity

The Parachuetruck returns as a Super Rare Slug. Its attacks are the same as in Metal Slug 3. The Parachuetruck is deployed on the unit's current location and stays put. When on a new stage, it stays directly in front of the player's base. The pilot unit cannot move until the Parachuetruck is destroyed or runs out of fuel.


  • The Parachuetruck is an intentional misspelled portmanteau of the words "Parachute" and "Truck".
  • The Parachuetruck's function is based on the German Wurfrahmen 40 German weapons system used in the Second World War (1939–1945). The design itself strongly resembles the German Opel Blitz (1932–1975).
  • This vehicle, the Morden Bus, and the Tetsuyuki are apparently the only real-sized vehicles in Metal Slug franchise.
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