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The Parachute Drop is a sub-level present in Metal Slug: 1st Mission. The section is accessed by destroying the Slug Flyer barring the fight with the Rebel Zeppelin.


The Heroes swiftly eject from the Slug Flyer after its destruction. In free fall, they must parachute after ten seconds. Deploy too early and a barrage of insta-kill missiles start bombarding the Heroes. Deploy too late and the parachute will not have enough time to fully work, and the Heroes will fatally crash face-first onto the ground.

For added challenge, the on-screen timer disappears after a few seconds (except in Kids difficulty). The time it takes to vanish depends on the difficulty (Very Hard goes away earlier than Easy).

Rank Medals are found in this sub-level. Clearing the Parachute Drop leads the Heroes to a different route.

The Parachute Drop is replaced by the Drop Pack in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. The latter also occurs in a different mission rather than the same mission as the Slug Flyer.


No. Mission Leads to
0 Emergency Mobilization Rebel VTOL
1 Hurry On Discovery of the Front Base (7)
10 Night Flight Night Flight (13)
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