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The Patrol Robot is a vigilance drone used by the Rebel Army.


The Patrol Robots are small defense drones used to protect the main facilities of the Rebel Army. They are heavily armored, so their only weak spot is their lens, which they use to fire fast laser beams. They attack the player if they are spotted in their searchlight, in which the light turns red, and signals its assault on the player.

In Metal Slug Defense, the Patrol Robot is a fragile unit that serves as back row support with its powerful laser. Its attack has an annoying stun effect on units hit by it, and despite being listed as having Long range, its laser can nearly reach Very Long range. Its only drawbacks are its relatively slow movement speed and low health.


Patrol Robot: The original vigilance drone. In Metal Slug Attack, its laser reduces enemy attack power.

Patrol Robot+: A red Patrol Robot with longer laser beams and can reduce enemy attack speed. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.

Patrol Robot Type-F: A purple Patrol Robot with fully pierce attacks. It will deal significantly more damage at point-blank range or units with longer hitbox. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.

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