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Perche is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack. She debuts in the "Hero of Justice" Extra Ops.

Character Summary

Perche is a soldier of the Regular Army. She has a great passion for justice and as such was chosen by the army for the Metal Device Project. Even in her sleep, Perche sleep talks about being a hero. This comes from a Regular Army soldier's final words while she was young, who told her that a hero stands for what is right.

Initially, entering the Metal Device Project just meant wearing the suit, much to her disdain. However, this was due to a lack of combat experience, as the researchers behind the project did not want to risk having it captured by the Rebel Army. Since she was not assigned a combat role, she spent much of her time doing janitorial duties such as cleaning. Her suit gave her superhuman speed, which allowed her to clean the floors with extreme speed and her determination made the floors speck clean.


Extra Ops

First appearing in "Hero of Justice", Perche is first seen cleaning the floors, much to her disappointment. However, Marco soon assigns her a mission to take out the Rogue Gigant, which excites her. She is able to overwhelm both the Rogue and Rebel Gigants with ease, thanks to her Metal Device suit granting her inhuman strength.

Perche later appears tagging alongside Ami and Fio against the Rebel Army. Perche is impressed with Ami's Thunder Shot and the two quickly become friends.

She's later seen in an operation with Ulala where they destroy Sol Dae Rokker Anima, although Perche is exhausted following the battle and collapses.

Sometime later, Perche obtains an upgraded variant of her suit, although she was still relegated to cleaning as it hadn't been cleared for testing yet. Upon hearing a broadcast from Marco to assist in a United Front, Perche goes alongside with Rocky to fight the Rebel Army, saving a child in the process. The child vividly tells Rocky about the experience and calls Perche their hero, much to her surprise.

She later attends a meeting with Ulala and Ami where they are briefed on a mission to deal with the Fall Climber. However, Ulala goes alone in order to test the new suit, so Perche and Ami cheer her on from the sidelines. Perche becomes baffled alongside Ami when Ulala returns twice to refill herself as her new suit causes immense hunger.

Another Story

Perche's past is revealed in "My Hero", where she lost her parents in a battle conducted by the Regular and Rebel armies. Her past is revealed as a war orphan due to the war between the Regular and Rebel armies, and she quickly bonds with Ami and instills some self-confidence into her.

Perche is later seen with the other newcomer Regular Army soldiers when Rita discovers the Rebel Army attempting to attack the base. Perche goes alongside Ami and Ulala in chasing after the enemy, only to realize they were baited and rush back to base. When the P.F heroes return, Marco scolds Perche for disobeying orders.



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