The Pharaoh is a new character in Metal Slug Attack, first appearing in the Extra Ops "Mummy's".

Character Summary

Pharaohs in real life are the common title of the monarchs of Egypt from the First Dynasty (c.1350) until the Macedonian conquest in 305 BCE.

The Pharaoh in Metal Slug Attack was the monarch of Egypt, though when or what his rule was like remains unknown. Sometime afterwards, he would be put into a restorative slumber through unknown magic as with many of his loyal followers, such as Cleopatra. He appears to have a romantic relationship with Cleopatra.

In battle, the Pharaoh rides his personal arc and casts ancient spells to launch massive balls at his enemies.


Extra Ops

First making his debut in "Mummy's", a Miner discovers the Arabian Tear and he emerges before the Miner, scaring him off and attempts to channel power from it. Scotia Amundsen would soon defeat him and collect the jewel for herself.

Due to his defeat by Scotia, he reemerges as a tyrant and causes rampage around the ruins before he encounters Scotia again, intending to exact revenge for his defeat. However, Cleopatra arrives and calms him down before taking him away, confusing Scotia.

Another Story

The Pharaoh first appears in "The Pharaoh's Treasure", where he learns of several intruders disturbing the ruins and uses his powers in an attempt to control them. He manages to send Allen Jr. and Scotia into a trance-like state, but finds that his powers fail to affect Beatriz. Beatriz later encounters and defeats him in battle, as he gives the Arabian Tear to her before returning to his slumber, much to his servants' horror.

Due to his sleep, Cleopatra would eventually wake up sometime later and learn of his defeat, prompting her to go out to search for energy to hasten his awakening.

However, Cleopatra's plan backfires on her, as she failed to factor in the fact that he also needed the time to properly sleep. Cleopatra, along with one of her Lovely Mummy servants and Aisha, whose soul is trapped in the other, confront the Pharaoh. Cleopatra offers him counsel, which he responds by launching an energy ball at her as he claims that he does not need any. Cleopatra and her servants defeat the Pharaoh, finally calming him down. Back to his normal state, the Pharaoh comments on how he hasn't seen Cleopatra in ages, and goes to sleep with her, promising to spoil their servants when they wake up again to make up for their loneliness.


  • His special attack, dubbed the Super Curse Ball, is the same as that of the Fake Rootmars.
  • Despite being introduced near the start of the game, he did not obtain an illustration until Another Story was released.
  • The Pharaoh appears as a boss in Metal Slug 2.5.



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