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The Pistol is the main handgun of the Regular Army.

Handgun types

They are 2 handgun models: Murder.50AE pistol for male soldiers, and the Murder Model-1915.38 MK1Am revolver for female soldiers. They are functionally identical and serve as the player's default weapon.


Standard issue for male P.F. squad operatives, this pistol uses a deadly .50 caliber action express rounds, which are shorter variants used in heavy machine guns. The ammo capacity is eleven rounds per clip but one more can be stored in the chamber, increasing the total ammo capacity to twelve. Dddddd.gif

Murder Model-1915. 38 MK1Am

The .38 special revolver is less powerful than the .50 counterpart, but they have relatively balanced firepower and accuracy (these specs make no difference in-game, where all handguns function identically). Standard issue among female P.F. and S.P.A.R.R.O.W. members, the Model-1915 is loved by those who favor sharpshooting. 022.gif


  • The Murder .50AE bears a resemblance to the Colt M1911A1 pistol.
  • The Murder Model-1915 .38 Mk.1Am closely resembles the Enfield No.2 .38 caliber revolver.
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