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The Prison Camp is a sublevel present in Metal Slug: 1st Mission.


After the destruction of the SV-000, the Heroes fly out of the explosion and land unconscious. The Rebels then capture and toss the Heroes inside of a Rebel prison camp. The Heroes wake up and use a crawl space to escape camp and resume their mission.

Prison Camp levels differ from regular stages as the Heroes are limited on only using their melee weapon and no other weapons are present. Various obstacles and Rebel soldiers are also patrolling the areas. During the escape, the player must be aware of moving watch lights that fire a shot at the player and watchdogs that call in for help should it notice the player.

Rank Medals can be found in these areas either by eliminating a tan-uniformed Rebel or by rescuing a POW.

The mission ends when the player escapes prison camp. The exception is Mission 0 (Emergency Mobilization), where the player proceeds to the Slug Flyer section.

While the Prison Camp didn't return in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission, Mission 12 (Save All Hostages!) and Mission 13 (Hostage Rescue) both limit Red Eye and Gimlet into only using their melee weapon and grenades.

Locations and Routes

No. Mission Leads to
0. Emergency Mobilization Slug Flyer section
8. Forced Escape Slicing Through the Jungle (2)
14. Weapons Port Fortress (11)
15. Breakthrough: With Prejudice Fierce Battle (16)


  • Metal Slug 5 has an unused HUD sprite of a crossed off pistol[1] which would have limited players into using their melee attacks in certain areas.


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