The Ptolemaic infantry is the biggest sub-division of the Ptolemaic Army. Even though Ptolemaic soldiers are trained primarily in guerilla warfare and special operations, they are numerous and supplied with enough heavy weaponry to mount direct offensive operations.

Ptolemaic infantry amounts most non-vehicular enemies in Metal Slug 5 (the rest being Natives, Squids, and Jellyfish). It also is a minor antagonist (and playable) force in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack.




These soldiers are outfitted for field operations, and are often encountered outdoors. They wear olive drab battledress over red or navy T-shirts, olive drab headwraps, and red or navy bandana masks.

Guerillas prefer close quarters and have access to knives, machetes, and riot shields. Their ranged arsenal is made of pistols, submachine guns, bazookas, mortars, and mines. The standard strategy is to set up ambushes to either quickly close in for melee or saturate the kill zone with firepower. In direct combat, Guerillas pose a credible threat only in large groups.

They are seen piloting Jet Hammer-Yang and Hover Units.



Unmasked Guerillas skilled at marksmanship that establish concealed firing positions [1] in the bushes or under wooden crates. They work in pairs and are equipped with headsets for communication, and scoped bolt-action rifles. Should enemies get close enough, Snipers can effectively use their rifle's stock to apply blunt force.

Snipers' rifles are functionally and visually identical to those issued to Rebel Riflemen (except being darker in color). However, different ammunition is used—rounds have shorter effective range, but deal more damage, with potential to critically injure the target.[2].

They are only seen on Mission 2, guarding the perimeter of a Ptolemaic facility.


Special Forces

These soldiers are outfitted for urban operations and are often encountered indoors. They wear black jumpsuits and gas masks to blend in, as well as for a psychological effect.

Special Forces are equipped with knives (that they can also throw), pistols, grenades, and mines. Minimal loadout allows them to sprint faster than any other soldiers.

Special Forces are masters of concealment and ambush. They often attack unsuspecting targets in choke points (e.g. stairs and elevator shafts) or strike from their hiding spots (e.g. crates and ventilation shafts).

They are seen piloting motorcycles and Hover Units.


Special Forces Divers

These Special Forces are equipped with swimming suits, breathing apparatus, and harpoon guns for underwater operations.

Only seen in Mission 4, patrolling around the underwater Ptolemaic facility.

Vechiclesuper 19

Special Forces Engineers

These Special Forces are tasked with vehicle maintenance. Unequipped for combat, they flee if engaged.

Only seen in Missions 2 and 3, tending to a Slug Gunner.



These ranking officers command Ptolemaic troops in the field, often getting close to the front to mark targets. Armed only with a pistol and body armor (which can sustain several direct hits), they rarely engage in combat directly, retreating once orders are issued.

Appearance of Commanders usually means that a mechanised unit is about to enter the scene, or that an air strike is about to be carried out.



Cultists (A.K.A. "masked soldiers" and "shamans") make up the elite of the Ptolemaic Army. They possess supernatural abilities, orchestrating the events of the game from the shadows, and are rarely seen in combat. They are equipped with a handgun (for self-defense) that fires floating projectiles that home in on the player (similar to the Martian spore pistol), and have no melee attack. Most cultists resurrect after a few seconds of being killed (with firearms) for the first time.

The origin of the cult is shown at the end of Mission 1, where one of the Natives is struck with lighting after finding and wearing the white mask. Apparently that's what the Ptolemaic Army was looking for in that forest.

Black Cultist / Soldier

First seen in Mission 4 in the P.O.W. holding area of the underwater facility, fleeing along with a Red Cultist. Encountered in Mission 5 guarding an Augensterm in the subway section.

Red Cultist / Regular

First seen in Mission 3 running away and later talking to a Commander and a group of Special Forces. Seen again in Mission 4 in the P.O.W. holding area of the underwater facility, fleeing (while piloting a Ptolemaic Saucer) along with Black Cultists. Fought in Mission 5 at the tower.

Unlike other cult members, Red Cultists do not resurrect after being shot.

Ptolemaic pioneer

Purple Cultist / Pioneer

Seen in Mission 5, piloting a Ptolemaic Saucer and rallying troops in the city, and later fought inside the mechanical tower.
Ptolemaic colonel

Green Cultist / Colonel

Appears only in Mission 5, where they fight the player in the tower section.


  • In the revised version of Metal Slug 5, Guerrillas and Special Forces have a color variant.
  • The Cultists' sprites are edits of Ptolemaios.



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