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The Ptolemaic Slug is the Ptolemaic Army's own version of the SV-001 featured in Metal Slug 5.


Using the data disc stolen from the Regular Army, the Ptolemaic Army developed their own variations of the original Metal Slug tank. One which was solely armed with the 127mm cannon, whilst the other is armed with the 12.6mm Vulcans. They also created the heavily-armed Black Hound and the massive Metal Rear using the stolen data.


Cannon Variant


Ptolemaic Slug equipped with a cannon. The cannon design is different and much smaller than the SV-001. It has better jumping ability due to a lighter chassis.

Vulcan Variant

Ptolemaic Slug Prototype MSA idle.gif

Ptolemaic Slug equipped with Vulcan cannons. The main turret has been replaced with a sensor eye for improved accuracy.

Ver. Expedition

Ptolemaic Slug EX MSA idle.gif

Seen in Metal Slug Attack, this variant is a bit more durable than the regular cannon model.

Golden Variant


Seen in Metal Slug Attack, this variant has a gold-painted chassis is the most durable. It fires high explosive incendiary shells that burn when they hit the ground. It can also jump to dodge enemy attacks.

Black Hound


A variant of the Ptolemaic Slugs which most resembles the SV-001. It's quipped with both a Vulcan and a cannon in addition to a mortar and a laser gun mounted on a mechanical arm that comes out of the turret hatch. It was being tested at the Corridor of Fire for its performance, but it malfunctioned and went rampant, eventually killing the Ptolemaic Infantries testing it.


  • Both variants are also included in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack; the Cannon variant as a purchasable unit, the Vulcan variant as an unreachable enemy unit. On the contrary, the Vulcan variant was introduced as a playable unit first in Metal Slug Infinity.
  • No soldiers are seen exiting these Slugs when they are defeated suggesting that they could possibly be unmanned vehicles, like the Black Hound, or the pilots are killed inside.
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