Ptolemaic War
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Decisive Regular Army Victory
  • Ptolemaic Army is defeated and all of their Metal Slug units are destroyed.
  • The Evil Spirit Incarnate, summoned to destroy the Rebel Army, is defeated and banished back to its realm of origin.
Beligerants in
Rebel Army

The Ptolemaic War is an event that takes place in the year 2035 during Metal Slug 5 right after the event of Garbage Island Incident.

A laboratory researching military technology came under attack by an unknown army and data pertaining to new weapon models is stolen. The rebels are sent to track down the thieves and retrieve the data and to investigate a rising paramilitary group known as the Ptolemaic Army, who are raiding and looting historical ruins. When the soldiers corner the Ptolemaic Army in an ancient ruin known as the "Corridor of Fire", they are repulsed by the natives and giant weapons, confirming the Ptolemaic as being behind the theft the weapon data.

The Rebel Forces decide to carry out a second assault on the Corridor of Fire, this time with better weaponry working together. Reunited, Morden forces successfully route the Ptolemaic Army out of the Corridor. During the conflict, however, a mystic mask is uncovered and found by one of the natives. As he puts it on, a demonic power comes over him...

As their battle against the Ptolemaic Army continues, the rebellion crosses paths with a strange masked man in a robe, unaware of the power he possesses. In time, this man seizes control over the Ptolemaic Army and grants his power to several others, and soon entire legions of identical masked men are seen alongside Ptolemaic soldiers and Metal Slugs from Regular Army.

The rebellion eventually confront and eliminate the leader, but not in time to prevent a demon known as Evil Spirit Incarnate from entering the mortal plane. The army manages to banish the demon back into the beyond after a fierce battle, thus ending the Ptolemaic War. But, remaining Ptolemaic would join the Regular Army to destroy rebellion.