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R-Shobu is an enemy in the Metal Slug series.


The R-Shobu is the one of the attack helicopters used by the Rebel Army. They are very fast, attacking by dropping M31 bombs (Plasma Bombs in Metal Slug 7/XX) on ground targets or using missile pod for aerial targets. They are often used to carry letters from the Rebels or other people.

In Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001, the R-Shobu becomes more aggressive as the player progresses throughout the game. The R-Shobu also leaves the screen by itself should the player stays put for ten in-game seconds[3].

Upgrades and variants

R-Shobu: This version is the most commonly seen. It is the original model, with all-around stats.

P.R-Shobu: An upgraded version of the original R-Shobu which now has an anti-tank TOW missile pod.

R.R-Shobu: An orange version of P.R-Shobu. It has faster movement speed and fires two missiles at once instead of one.

Green R. Shobu.gif
R-Shobu (Green): This version only appears on the menu of Metal Slug Anthology and is never seen in any game.

R-Shobu Ver. F: A grayish purple R-Shobu used by the Future Rebels. It has faster movement speed and is protected by energy shields. It also features plasma bombs similar to the Dai-Manji as well as an anti-tank missile pod.

R-Shobu (Zombie Army): This version only drops bombs but has all-around stats.

R-Shobu Ver. P.M: The Ptolemaic version of the R-Shobu is a bit faster and has upgraded armor. This version can only be seen in the debug menu. It was unused in the game.

R.R-Shobu Ver. P.M: This is faster and has upgraded armor. It only appears for a short time in the final mission of Metal Slug 5.

0 152be8 c1807c4c S.gif
R-Shobu Gatling Ver. P.M: This version is never seen during the game. It uses a vulcan similar to the Hi-Do. It makes its true debut in Metal Slug Defenseand Metal Slug Attack.

R.G-Shobu Ver. P.M.: This version has an improved minigun. It flies away target a specific area and strafing the area with its minigun.

RJ Bischof: A large combat helicopter likely based on the R-Shobu that is piloted by Chloe. It is also capable of generating an electromagnetic barrier which can shoot lasers in an arc.




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