The RA-TTT (short for Regular Army Troop Transport Truck) is a vehicle seen only in Metal Slug 4 and 5.


The Regular Army Troop Transport Truck is a transport vehicle used by the Regular Army for transporting troops to battlefield.

It made its debut in Metal Slug 4 when Tarma appears on it, offering a little help to the players' characters by shooting his pistol. It also appears to deploy the player to the battlefield on Missions 2 and 4 of the same game, and on Mission 3 of Metal Slug 5.

In Metal Slug 4's Mission 2, if the players get back in the vehicle right after gaining control of the characters, they will be awarded with 5000 points.

In Metal Slug Defense, the RA-TTT appears as a unit. It randomly deploys Regular Soldiers and PF troops (Marco, Nadia, Ralf, etc.).

In Metal Slug Attack, the RA-TTT is one of the available bases available to purchase in the Dress Up Shop. It costs 1000 medals.

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