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The Rebel Walkers are defense drones used in the headquarters area of Garbage Island in Metal Slug 7/XX. These versatile robots are very agile, walking and jumping their way to their target. They attack by firing energy cannons from their "noses" that go in a wave pattern in front of them. If you come too close them, they will open their mouths and slash you with a knife attached to their front, designed for melee combat. They can also launch rockets from their back to hit targets in cliffs, and dispense little pods that support them. The pods will levitate and shoot three shots homed on the target, then they run out of battery and fall to the ground.


Walkerrobot.gif Rebel Walker: The original version.
Rebel Walker MK II: A green version of the original walker, possessing stronger armor and enhanced attacks from the original. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Rebel Walker: A golden variant of the original walker, possessing even stronger armor and evasion capability. Their attacks are intended to capture living beings. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • It resembles the Ducker on Gradius series.
  • It can be found as the enemy from the final mission of the game In The Hunt.
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