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Red Eye is a playable character introduced in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.

Character Information

She is a member of the Government Forces' Special Forces. On her way to investigate information regarding the sighting of a UFO at a rebel army base, she discovers that the enemy has made contact with space aliens. But she also learns that a member of PF Squad has also obtained this intel and races for the enemy base alone, hoping she's not beaten to the action.


Red Eye exclusively uses the Bazooka, Fire Gun, and Missile Pod. She is able to save Rumi to receive the E-Armor. A POW is her mission command.

Mission List

The number below A and B represent the next mission Red Eye takes if she:

  • A: Completes the mission
  • B: Accesses a hidden route (H), fails to complete a Slug Flyer/Slug Sub mission (F), or completes a mission with the SV-000 Proto 2 destroyed (D).
No. Mission Name A B
1 The Front Line 3 -
3 Dire Straits 10 5 (F)
5 Battlefield Bridge 6 -
6 Turbulent Transmissions 7 -
7 Fatal Express 17 9 (F)
9 Shot Down 10 -
10 Terrain Carrier 12 -
12 Save All Hostages! 15 -
15 Into the Fray 17 19 (H)
17 Contact 20 -
19 Betrayal 22 -
20 The Enemy Below 24 -
22 One Fell Stroke 24 25 (F)
24 The Ice Queen 31 30 (D)
25 Free Fall 29 -
29 Close Combat 32 30 (D)
30 Crossed Paths 31 -
31 The Fortress 34 -
32 Ocean Depths 35 33 (F)
33 Breakthrough 30 -
34 The Stronghold 37 -
35 Menace Out of the Skies 37 36 (F)
36 The Jet Stream 31 -
37 Lone Assault 38 -
38 Termination Clear -

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

On the 1.42.0 update, she (along with Gimlet) appears as a playable unit. She uses a Missile Pod that fires missiles one at a time rather than in a spread. Her sprites have been updated to resemble those from the main series, using Fio as a base but edited to include new sprites of her drinking tea and saluting.

Metal Slug Attack

She later reappears in the "Zombie Parade" event as a Pack-Shop unit, now available in the POW Shop. She appeared in the game's promotional art beforehand.

In the "Signs of Curse" event, an Invader named Lydia has been disguised as a purple-vested, green haired version of Red Eye. She accompanies Annette in their mission on Earth, however she has yet to make any story-line appearances. Lydia is able to shoot more missiles than her real counterpart. Originally a Pack-Shop unit, she is made available in the Guild Shop.


  • She, Fio, Clark and Alisa are the only playable characters who wear caps.
  • She seems to wield either a Luger P08 pistol or a Walther P38 in the POW list of Metal Slug Defense.
  • Red Eye is erroneously named Fio in the English manual of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.
  • Like Gimlet and Tequila, she is named after a cocktail.


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