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Regular Army
Regular Army2.png
Leader Unknown
Commanders Marco Rossi
Tarma Roving
Sophia Greenville
Founded Unknown
Headquarters Worldwide
Area of Operations Worldwide
Enemies With Rebel Army
Arabian Infantry
Martians (MS2/X & MS3)
Japanese Army
Amadeus Syndicate
Ptolemaic Army (MS5)
Invaders (MS6)
Affiliated With P.F. Squad
Ikari Warriors
World Government
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The Regular Army (正規軍 Seikigun) is the protagonist force of the Metal Slug series.


The Regular Army is the main armed force of the World Government and is composed of various coalition forces from around the globe. They mostly try to avoid direct conflict, mainly resorting to gathering intelligence, deploying special forces behind enemy lines, even hiring mercenaries if deemed necessary. They are at war with the Rebel Army for the most part and are trying to maintain world peace while fending off numerous supernatural and alien calamities.

The Regular Army is also known for its large and advanced Super Vehicles (mechanical, animal, or stolen) and their advanced experimental weapons.

The Super Devil seems to have taken an interest in the Regular Army. It offers them aid but only at extremely dire times.


The Regular Army only has two main uniform colors: light-blue which is the standard one and grey for urban combat. Special operatives also wear tactical gear and/or various camouflages depending on their missions.


MSA Regular Soldier Idle.gif
Regular Uniform: Common light-blue peacekeeping uniform of the Regular Army.
MS Regular Tutorial.gif
Urban Grey Uniform: Alternate urban uniform of the Regular Army. Mostly seen in tutorials in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack. They're possibly also the same soldiers in Metal Slug Infinity.
Cadet Uniform: Helmetless, short-sleeved uniforms worn by recruits. Seen in Metal Slug Advance.
Male Uniform Set: Special style of uniform worn by male special forces soldiers. An undershirt topped with a vest with pants tucked under boots. They have a backpack with a hidden Punching Glove inside.
Female Uniform Set: Special style of uniform typically worn by female special forces soldiers. An undershirt or cropped tank top topped with a vest. Bottom wear consists of belted shorts with hip vents (exposing their black underwear), knee pads, and boots. They have a waist pack worn from the back.
Special Eri MSA idle.gif
Special Uniform: Blue-colored uniform worn by Special Units such as members of the Peregrine Falcons or S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S. Seen in Metal Slug Attack.
Special Nadia MSA idle.gif
Doll: High-tech bodysuit for Special Ops. This was later updated to be in line with the Metal Device. Seen in Metal Slug Attack.
Perche Idle.png
Metal Device: A metal bodysuit with synthetic tissues equal to an archdemon connected to the user's nervous system. Increases the user's strength but quickly drains their energy and leaves them hungry. Compatible with very specific people. Seen in Metal Slug Attack.

Units of the Regular Army


  • Unknown (presumably the President of the World Security Council)


Peregrine Falcons Squad

Marcovictory2.gifTarma double HMG.gifRita MSA idle.gif


Erivictory.gifFio pistol.gif

Ikari Warriors Team (Mercenary)

LeonaIdle.gifRalf Idle.gifClarkvictory.gif


Rumisalutems2.gifMadokams4.gifMSAUnit Hyakutaro.png

Artificial Intelligence

MS-Alice MSA moving.gifMS-Heart MSA idle.gif

Metal Device Project

Perche Idle.pngAmi Idle.pngUlala Launcher Idle.png

Other Known Members

Reika MSA idle.gifAlisa Stewart MSA idle.gif

Drill Instructors


Regular Campfire Guild.gif





Regular-Army-Di-Cokka-MSA-Idle.gifSlug-Puncher-MSA-Idle.gifMetal Crow.gif

See Slugs for in-depth overview.







Large Scale


Hired Arms


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