The Regular Army Helicopter is a Transport Helicopter used by Regular Army.


The Regular Army Helicopter is a Support helicopter used by Regular Army. it was used to transport Regular Army Soldier, and it can carry a SV-001. unlike Rebel Variant (Hi-Do), this Helicopter lacks weaponry, with only Heat Seeking Missile as the only Weapon, so Regular Army Soldier needs to rely with their own weaponry.


  • it appears in Metal Slug Defense in 1.29.0 Update as deployable flying unit, commanded by Eri Kasamoto and featuring Nadia Cassel as Support Fire, hanging from a harness on the bottom while shooting a Rocket Launcher in long range, or Shotgun at close range, while the chopper itself shoots heat seeking missiles as its special attack. this unit is obtainable by completing the "MSD Max" Event.
    • Regular Army Helicopter are the second unit that can be obtainable via event stage of metal slug defense, The first is Dai-Manji.
    • Its also the third toughest unit and boss unit in the P.F Army.
    • in 1.37.0 Update, Regular Army Helicopter are back as purchasable unit, this units cost 500.000 coins.
  • In Metal Slug Attack, it's available as a Unit in the Mystery Crank (Medal and VIP) as of 4/27/16.
    • MSD/MSA Description: "Transport helicopter supplied to the Regular Army. The heli-crews are always forced to effort its poor arms."
    • In Metal Slug Attack, the AP is drastically decreased to 400 at base, and The Heat Seeking Missile travel faster with better homing ability. than MSD counterpart.
    • when all skills unlocked it's special attack is upgraded with nadia firing enemy chaser as extra firepower
    • so far,this is the second toughest air unit ever in Metal Slug Attack, thanks to "All-Around Armor" Skill
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