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The Rush Blaster Meter at MAX in Metal Slug XX.

The Rush Blaster System is a combo system introduced in Metal Slug 6. It is a refined version of the Metallish System from Metal Slug 4.


The Rush Blaster System is presented as a red-orange set of meters on the bottom side of the screen (bottom-left for P1 and bottom-right for P2). The meters increase as the player damages scenery (visible or not), infantry, and vehicles. The meter fills quicker if it's done by explosives or powerful weaponry.

The multiplier increases by every meter filled. Starting by no fill (x1), the multiplier rises from x1 to x2, x4, x8, and x16 (MAX). Score is multiplied only towards defeated enemies and vehicles and not towards items and destroyed scenery.

When all four meters are filled (MAX), the bars start to flash and quickly deplete. Every enemy and vehicle defeated will spew out around four coins each. The coins are worth 10 pts. and increase exponentially as more are collected in a row (up to 6400 pts.). The meter resets at x1 when the fever runs out or the player dies.

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