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The S.A.M. Defender, short for Strong Arm Machine Defender, is a playable vehicle in Jetpack Joyride. The S.A.M Defender is a skin for the original S.A.M. costing US$2.99.


The S.A.M. Defender is a one-armed, tracked vehicle that barely fits inside the laboratory's hallway. It is a decommissioned Slug now owned by Legitimate Research. The only alteration Legitimate Research did is replace its Vulcan cannons with an energy shield.

When riding the S.A.M. Defender, the game plays the "Assault Theme" from Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001.


S.A.M. is available by collecting the flying "S", "A", and "M" tokens. When riding S.A.M., any coins, gems, and tokens flying by are automatically collected. The only obstacle the player has to deal with are the missiles that appear in multiple patterns. Unlike other vehicles, S.A.M. is taken down in three hits.

The player can only control the vehicle's energy shield located on its arm. Like the jetpack, the energy shield is raised by holding down the screen/button and lowered by letting it go. This shield is used to deflect incoming missiles and touch the flashing red lights up on the walls.

After S.A.M. is used once, the tokens won't appear again until UTC±00:00, however the player is given a reward such as coins, revives, or starting speed boosts. Every fifth daily reward unlocks a special costume. The player can watch an advertisement to use S.A.M. at the start of the game or when Barry is knocked out, the latter of which also revives him.

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