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SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash is a card game created by SNK in 1999 for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color. It features many characters from both SNK and Capcom (Metal Slug characters included). SNK also made an expanded version, featuring new artwork and some new cards.

Metal Slug related cards

Character Cards


BP: 400
SP: +2
Backup: Eri, Tarma, Fio
Helps: Eri, Tarma, Fio
Ability: Enemy Chaser
Discards hand. All characters but him get 100 damage for each card.


BP: 300
SP: +1 / +2
Backup: Eri, Marco, Fio
Helps: Eri, Marco, Fio
Ability: none


BP: 300 / 400
SP: +1 / +5
Backup: Tarma, Marco, Fio
Helps: Taizan, Tarma, Marco, Fio
Ability: Hothead
If there is anyone else on the field, Eri returns to hand.


BP: 200
SP: +4
Backup: Eri, Tarma, Marco
Helps: Eri, Tarma, Marco
Ability: none

Action Cards

Throwing Star

Cost: 2
Effect: 100 HP of direct damage.

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