The SV-001 Type-B, also known as the Blue SV-001 due to its blue coloration, is a rare variant of the Metal Slug tank. It only appears in Metal Slug Warriors and its remake, Universal Metal Slug: Triumph. It only can be obtained in the battle with the Alien Floating Structure using no continues.

The Type-B is said to be the strongest version of the SV-001 in the series. It can jump higher and move faster than the standard tank, and is loaded with armor-piercing shells. However, while having strong offensive capabilities, it still can be destroyed by certain attacks, so the player must be careful and use it wisely.


  • In one of the special, full-color concept artworks for Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001, a blue SV-001 is seen in a ruined city alongside a red SV-001, and a yellowish-colored SV-001.[1]
    • It is possible that the SV-001 Type-B is inspired by this concept art.