The SV-001 Type-R, sometimes referred to as the Gold SV-001, is an upgraded and re-colored version of the original SV-001. It boasts improved hydraulics for increased jumping ability, a new engine with better mileage and torque and new tracks for higher acceleration and speed. Despite its enhancements, the Type-R's armaments are essentially the same as those on the standard Metal Slug tank. These golden-colored tanks are seldom seen in the series, due to having higher production costs than the regular Metal Slug. Certain features of the Type-R were derived from experimental aspects of the SV-002.

The Type-R is first seen at the beginning of Metal Slug 1's Final Mission, being piloted by an unseen NPC. It makes its debut as a playable vehicle in Metal Slug X.

In Metal Slug 3, it appears in Mission 1's main route, flipped. It also appears during the final boss fight in Metal Slug 6.

Other Appearances

Metal Slug Advance

The Type-R appears as a light-brown Metal Slug which fires its Vulcan guns in reverse (except vertically) and moves faster than the original. However, it lacks its high jumping ability normally (roughly jumps as high as the original), and requires the Thruster+ card for it to jump as high in Metal Slug X and 3. In order to be used, the Type-R card must first be unlocked from the Dungeon stage and activated from the main menu.

Metal Slug Defense

In this game, it appears as a purchasable unit. While it has faster movement, faster production rate and costs less AP than the other Metal Slugs, the range of both its normal and special attacks has been shortened slightly. It also appears as a relief supply item called Super Metal Slug Attack, which is much stronger than the normal Metal Slug Attack and is able to pierce through all units, including heavy and tank units.


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