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The SV-Camel is the first animal Slug in Metal Slug Series.


After the First Modern War, the Regular Army engineers developed new vehicles, so their troops would not need to depend too much on the Metal Slug. The idea of using animals came into their mind, as animals could be more easily hidden in the battlefield.

The camel is fast, but it obviously won't protect the rider. It is only equipped with a 14mm Vulcan and nothing else, but the rider can still throw its own grenades for additional firepower.

In Metal Slug 2/X, the SV-Camel can be brought to the second mission. However, the camel stops on a small body of water to drink, forcing the rider to dismount. However, if one uses a Metal Slug Attack, the camel can kill the Arabian Infantry without damaging the Danger Barrel.

In Other Games

Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum

The SV-Camel appears during one of Marco Rossi's intros, dropping Marco off, then it runs offscreen as the battle starts.

Metal Slug Defense

The SV-Camel can be obtained by freeing all prisoners of the final stage of World 1.

Metal Slug Attack

The SV-Camel appears as of version 1.2.0. This unit requires x10 parts to unlock, and parts are obtained by using Gold Bullions in the POW Shop. When fully upgraded, it can evade enemy attacks by Eri jumping out for a brief moment. It's special is using its Vulcan while Eri throws 3 grenades

SNK Vs. Capcom: CHAOS

SV-Camel appears in Mars People's ending.


  • The SV-Camel offers the highest Slug Bonus out of any Slug at 400,000 points. It is also currently the only animal Slug to fight a boss.
  • The SV-Camel appears as the application icon in the iOS/Android version of Metal Slug X.
  • The SV-Camel is based on the Zamburak.


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