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The Sand Marine (or Sandmarine) is the fourth boss of Metal Slug 5.


The Sand Marine is a special submarine created by the Ptolemaic Army designed to travel under the ground.

In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, the Sand Marine crawls along the ground leaving the entire sub exposed. The Golden Sand Marine can submerge to dodge attacks.


The Sand Marine will sink and emerge from the sand all the time while launching a volley of fireballs that are tricky to dodge. It can also fire electric projectiles from the back that track the player, or shoot its frontal cannon.

Standing in front of it for too long may also fire two missiles that go straight ahead. These can be hard to dodge if the Sand Marine has the player backed up right against the left side of the screen.


Sand Marine MSA move.gif Sand Marine: The original model.
Deep Sand Marine MSA move.gif Deep Sand Marine: A variant of the Sand Marine which is designed for underground excursions. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Sand Marine MSA move.gif Golden Sand Marine: A variant of the Sand Marine which has been painted gold. It is capable of submerging itself and has more durability compared to its other variants. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Sand Marine EX: A variant of the Sand Marine which has been painted green. It appears every time submerging itself and in its special attack now fires high explosive incendiary shells that burn when they hit the ground. . Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • The Sand Marine (and the entire fourth mission) is listed as the second boss/mission in its official concept art and the game's debug level select.
  • In the arcade flyer for Metal Slug 5, the Sand Marine can be seen and features a different design than the one it uses in-game. This may have been either an early concept of the Sand Marine or the true design for it if the game had not been rushed. The Land Blowfish from Metal Slug Attack takes inspiration from this unused sprite.
  • The Sand Marine slightly resembles an enemy from the game In the Hunt.
  • The Sand Marine sports what is presumably the Ptolemaic Army's emblem on its hatch. The emblem is a small upside-down triangle with a T in the middle. No other vehicle has this "emblem", and Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack's icon for the Ptolemaic Army is the Special Forces mask.


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