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The Sasquatch, also known as the Icemen[1], is an enemy introduced in Metal Slug 3.


The Sasquatch live in cold and inhabited areas, attacking anyone or anything that might seem to be a threat to them. Their attacks consist of unleashing their icy breath to freeze their victims, then finish the job by bludgeoning them with a bone. It is, however, possible to escape their freezing and quickly move away before the Sasquatch can kill the player. Oddly, there is no known cases where they immediately club rather than freezing first.

The Sasquatch first appear in Mission 2 inside a barred cave with a sign labeled "Iceman" at the entrance. After the player reaches the end of the cave and mounts the Elephant Slug, mutilated corpses of the Sasquatches litter the cave as the zombies invade, implying the zombies feed on their flesh.

In Mission 3 of Metal Slug 4, the Sasquatch are found in a cave at the bottom of the mountain. The section is home to an ordinary bear who is immune to the Sasquatch's attacks and can retaliate when woken up.

Frozen Victims

Frozen POW.gif Frozen POW: Exactly the same as normal POW's, but frozen as opposed to being tied up.
Frozen Rebels.gif Frozen Rebels: Victims of prolonged exposure of the Sasquatch's breath. By their poses, it is thought that they were trying to escape when the Sasquatch caught them. They are still POWs, but they don't give anything when they're saved.
062.gif Snowman Rebels: These Rebels use the snowmen as a disguise during the first part of Mission 3 from Metal Slug 4. They jump out and attack when the player is close to them. The small children adding the finishing touches to their snowmen will run off crying when this happens.
0243.gif Snowman Character: Any character hit by the Sasquatch's breath gets turned into a snowman. To escape this, the player must tap the buttons or wiggle the control stick repeatedly.


Sasquatch.gif Sasquatch: The original variant seen in Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 4.
Giant Sasquatch: Larger variant of the original. They appear as enemies in Metal Slug Attack and as a ridable unit in Metal Slug Infinity.
Blue Sasquatch: A Sasquatch that has underwent mutation and now has a more frozen look to it. The mutation has increased their strength and durability. They're also able to call fellow Blue Sasquatches for aid when they are under attack. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.



  • The Sasquatch is inspired by the folklore of the same name. This creature is also called the Yeti, Big Foot or Abominable Snowman.


  1. Official Japanese name.
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