Sasquatch is an enemy in Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 4. It later appeared as a purchasable/unlockable unit in both Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack.


The Sasquatches live in cold and inhabited areas, attacking anyone or anything that might seem to be a threat to them. Their attacks consist of unleashing their icy breath to freeze their victims, then finish the job by clubbing them with a bone. It is, however, possible to escape their freezing and quickly move before the sasquatches can kill the player. Oddly, there is no known cases where they immediately club rather than freezing first. After the player reaches the end of the cave and mounts the Elephant Slug, mutilated corpses of the Sasquatches litter the cave as the zombies invade, implying the zombies feed on their flesh.

Frozen Victims

Frozen POW

Frozen POW: Exactly the same as normal POW's, but frozen as opposed to being tied up.

Frozen Rebels

Frozen Rebels: Victims of prolonged exposure of the Sasquatches' breath. By their poses, it is thought that they were trying to escape when the Sasquatches caught them. They are still POWs, but they don't give anything when they're saved.


Snowman Rebels: These Rebels use the snowmen as a disguise during the first part of Metal Slug 4's 3rd mission and will jump out and attack the player when they venture near. The small children adding the finishing touches to their snowmen will run off crying when this happens.


Snowman character: Any character hit by the Sasquatches' breath gets turned into a snowman. To escape this, the player must tap the buttons or wiggle the control stick repeatedly.



Several dead Sasquatches devoured by the zombies can be found after the player obtained the Elephant Slug.


  • It is based on a cryptozoologic creature known by the same name. This creature is also called Yeti, Big Foot or Abominable Snowman.
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