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Sharifa is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Like many of the Pharaoh's most notable servants, Sharifa gave up her heart to the Pharaoh and Cleopatra when they performed the ceremony of eternal life. Sharifa entered a deep slumber and would not be disturbed for thousands of years.

During her time as a human, Sharifa was originally a pyramid inspector, making sure that the pyramids met the Pharaoh's standards. She eventually developed a series of construction golems, who greatly sped up the construction of the pyramids. The Pharaoh rewarded her with the role of honorary priestess for her services. As such, she began exploring architecture, and despite having lost her heart, shows immense curiosity towards present-day architecture and vehicles.

One of these golems serves as her personal mount, and is capable of launching spiky sand projectiles and charging itself with electricity to electrocute opponents. Since she lacks a proper staff (as she was a honorary priestess), Sharifa uses an ornamental hammer to instruct her golem.


Extra Ops

First appearing in "United Front the 17th", Sharifa wakes up from her slumber. According to Hemet, she is rather peppy despite having recently woken up, and immediately hears of a golden square vehicle and desires to have it for herself. Hathol informs her that it is called a "Golden Regular Army Truck", and even more excited, dashes off before Hemet can explain to her how a United Front works.

She does so well in her first United Front that she hits platinum, and desiring to learn more about present-day architecture, asks Hemet and Hathol to ride with her in her newly acquired truck. Hemet wonders if she had actually lost her heart in the ritual due to her constant optimism.

She is later contacted by a Fabulous Mummy Cat, who asks her how long it would take to build a new pyramid, as theirs was destroyed by a Master Kraken. She tells her that it would take 30 years to rebuild one.

She later requests a vacation to learn more about human culture. Hemet grants her request, before she asks her to come along. Cleopatra soon appears and voices her support, requesting them to bring her chocolate ice cream on the way back. After some treasure is stolen from the ruins, Sharifa works with Hemet to reclaim it from the Regular Army, using her golems to cover more ground.


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