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The F-502 Shooting Ray is the second boss of Metal Slug 5.


The Shooting Ray is a large aircraft carrier created by the Ptolemaic Army that specializes in air combat.

In Metal Slug Attack, a miniature and remote-controlled version was developed and controlled by a mechanic named Caroline. Caroline has further developed the mini version into a long-ranged attack and recon drone.


The F-502 Shooting Ray has two attack patterns based on where the player is positioned:

  • When in front of it, it will either shoot an array of hovering projectiles from the two Vulcan cannons that go off-screen and then fly back or fire a series of big lasers at the player from its cannons.
  • When facing its back, it will send fire drones that will track the player (blue ones contain power-ups) and also try to burn the player with its jet engines.


F-502 Shooting Ray: The original version.
Caroline MSA ray.gif F-502 ShootingRay (Miniature): A variant developed by Caroline which can be used to protect her. It uses both cannons and machine guns to attack enemies. She shows pride in her work and becomes enraged if it is destroyed. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
ShootingRay (Halloween): Painted purple and gold for the Halloween season. It fires its machine guns in narrow waves and can prevent enemy units from using their special attacks. It is controlled by Caroline in a witch costume. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
ShootingRay (Standalone): A mass produced variant of the Shooting Ray which is AI-controlled, allowing it to be used without an operator. It provides covering fire for allies and flies towards enemies if critically damaged to increase damage. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
ShootingRay Ver.Rebellion: A variant of the ShootingRay developed for the Ptolemaic Rebellion, outfitted to fire lasers from its turrets. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
ShootingRay Ver.Forest: A variant of the ShootingRay modified for search and rescue missions in wooded and mountains aareas. His high-powered laser attack can repel a entire fleet of small units. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
ShootingRay Ver.Gold: A variant of the ShootingRay painted gold. It is capable of turning itself into a "firebird", ramming into enemy positions.


  • The Shooting Ray's cannon projectiles are reused from Rootmars' acid spit.
  • The aircraft's design may be based on that of the Horten Ho 229, a German prototype fighter/bomber that was the first pure flying wing powered by jet engines.
  • The Shooting Ray (and the entire second mission) is listed as the third boss/mission in its official concept art. The game's debug level select refers to it as the fourth boss/mission.

Shooting Ray second concept art

  • Concept and promotional art showcases jet fighters deployed from the front of the Shooting Ray. The unused jet sprite is presumably the boss' enemy support planes.
  • When the Shooting Ray appears, the sprite moves too much into the screen where its cutoff can be seen (example below).
  • It used to be known by fans as "The Secret Weapon of the Luftwaffe" before its official name was revealed during Caroline's introduction in Metal Slug Attack.


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