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The Slug Gunner is a mechanized Super Vehicle from Metal Slug 5.


The ultimate evolution of the SV-001, the SVW-001 Slug Gunner was developed by the Regular Army engineers based on the Rebel Army's LV Armor. The Slug Gunner can change between mech and tank forms, being equipped with a huge 180mm cannon, a 60mm Minigun and jets that enable it to jump high or perform a double jump. It also comes with a pile bunker for melee combat, which uses a revolver-like mechanism (its cylinder holds six cartridges) to empower its blows. 

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The Slug Gunner is cumbersome in both games (Metal Slug 5 and Advance), moving at a ridiculously slow pace when in mech mode while turning it is even worse (especially in Metal Slug 5). Players could crouch and move to enable the mech's treads to move as fast as the other Slug variants. However, it cannot attack enemies from behind but is able to run over enemies if needed. The Minigun isn't as free moving as other slugs which it can only shoot where the Slug is facing or above it. Although, its Minigun can be used in a similar manner as the Heavy Machine Gun to spread its shots to somewhat migrate its inability of shooting diagonally. Also, it must jump and shoot downwards if the player needs to attack enemies from below. The pile bunker is used as a melee weapon, one of the few Slugs that can melee; where it is slower than its Minigun, but does a lot more damage per hit.

Unlike the other Slugs, it cannot crush enemy infantry (When in mech form).


Sluggunner.gif Slug Gunner: The original variant, also capable of deforming itself.
Slug Attacker: A variant of the Slug Gunner using a Pile Bunker to impale enemies. There are two variants, one painted red and the other blue. The red Attacker can change between its normal and deformed stance, the latter providing it with defense against incoming attacks. It uses its normal stance when attacking enemies. The blue Attacker is slightly weaker, but can cover a large amount of ground in a few seconds compared to the red Attacker. There is also an unmanned version that is called for suicide attacks by MS-Alice in her damaged "Ghost" and "Phantom" variants. Operated by Amber. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Slug Defender: A variant of the Slug Gunner which uses electricity offensively and defensively. There are two variants, one painted blue and the other red. The blue Defender specializes in melee combat, while the red Defender specializes in ranged combat. Operated by Molly. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Golden Slug Gunner: A golden variant of the Slug Gunner, capable of propelling itself into the air before launching cannon shells on enemies in front of it for devastating effect. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Slug Rising: A modified variant of the Slug Gunner that fires plasma bolts and missiles. Operated by Maggie. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • The bullets of this Slug are yellow (but not like the Heavy Machine Gun) instead of blue like the other Slugs. Because the Vulcan has been replaced by the Minigun.
  • Concept art for the original Metal Slug depicted humanoid mechas modeled after the SV-001. This was to be used in a spin-off of Metal Slug, but that was cancelled due to lack of interest from the staff, as Metal Slug was supposed to be WWII-oriented, not sci-fi. These mechas may have inspired the Slug Gunner.
  • In Waku Waku 7 (a SUNSOFT fighting game initially released as an arcade game for the MVS / Neo Geo system) had a character name is Politank Z, it is have some point of Slug Gunner: can change both "tank" or "mech" mode, body like the Slug Gunner possible base on Politank Z.


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