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The Slug Mobile, also known as Wagen Slug[1], is a Slug debuting in the last mission of Metal Slug 5.


These Slugs are modified TIAF660s, a common type of civilian vehicle which became popular for its compactness. Many of these vehicles were used as road barriers by the Rebel Army in Gerhardt City as it was a common car. It didn't take much time for the Regular Army to take notice and salvage a lot of TIAF660s to quickly revamp the model (sticking some Vulcans on the side, putting an RPG on it and calling it a day) for their own purposes.

The Slug Mobile is speedy and has the ability to jump. While it's not very capable of off-road handling, it performs well on roads. Its 14mm Vulcan provides excellent defense against aircraft, while the guided RPG under the front hood provides some anti-armor defense. Upgrades by the Regular Army (notably the setup of the Vulcan's ammo and boosting ability) may have made the vehicle more prone to catch fire. Attention must be given to maximize its effectiveness.


  • Slug Mobile: The original car Slug. In Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, it can speed up to stampede enemy units; Tarma is the driver in both games.
  • Slug Mobile MK II: A more customized variant of Slug Mobile painted in dark blue. It's faster and can jump higher than the original. Its upgrades allows for aggressive Vulcan volleys while continuously rushing and evading. Its special attack is firing up to 8 guided missiles with the higher jump. Driven by Eri. Found in Metal Slug Attack.


  • TIAF is an anagram of FIAT, the Italian brand. In fact this car was based on the 1957-1972 FIAT 500.
  • The Slug Mobile is sprite edit of one of the civilian vehicles which are found in Mission 4 of Metal Slug 2/X and Mission 1 of Metal Slug 4.
  • Slug Mobile had some animations that end up being unused in the final release which includes the car uncontrollably spinning, getting bumped, and launching the rockets from its hood. The latter animation was used in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack as its special attack.
  • According to the original concept art, there were going to be varied types of Slug Mobiles based on the Lancia Stratos HF and Fiat 131 Abarth.
  • In Metal Slug Defense's "MSD MAX" Event, the player can encounter an unmanned version of the Slug Mobile.


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