The Slug Mobile is a car slug used in the last mission of Metal Slug 5.


Firstly introduced as civilian vehicle, it was successfully sold for its compactness. The vehicle was used as road barrier by the rebel army in the city as its population are plentifull. It will not took a long time before the regular army took notice and quickly revamp the model into their own purpose. Beloved for its compactness, this car is speedy and has the ability to jump. While it's not very capable of off-road handling, it performs well on roads. Its 14mm Vulcan provides excellent defense against aircrafts, while the guided RPG under the front hood provides some anti-armor defense. Upgrades by the regular army (notably the setup of vulcan's ammo and boosting ability) may have make the vehicle more prone to catch fire. Attention must be given to maximize its effectiveness.


  • TIAF is an anagram of FIAT, the Italian brand. In fact this car was based on the 1957 FIAT 500.
  • Slug Mobile had some animation that end up being unused in final release, like "spinning", "getting bump", and "launching rocket's from its hood".
  • According to the original concept art, there were going to be Slug Mobiles based on the Lancia Startos and what resembles the BMW M3 E30.
  • In Spain is assembled with license called Seat 600 end 1973 in Barcelona (Spain)
  • it later appears in Metal Slug Defense, with its vulcan as standard attack and stampede as special attack
    • in MSD, its stampede finisher used the unused "launch rocket from its hood" animation
    • in "MSD MAX" Event, player can encounter an unmaned version of Slug Mobile, it may be the Ptolemaic Army version,just with lack of driver


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