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The Slug Trolley (or Slug Truck) is a Regular Army vehicle introduced in Metal Slug 7/XX.


The Slug Trolley is designed to walk over rails. Its a custom mine cart equipped with a Vulcan. Pressing down opens its hatch allowing the player character to toss grenades.

Like the Donkey Slug, it can attach additional wagons to itself (up to four, two on each side), which are equipped with unlimited cannons. These cannons travel at an arc, and all wagons fire at once. Unlike the Donkey Slug's carriage, the wagons are instantly destroyed if they are hit. Finishing the mission with any number of attached wagons intact will score the pilot a bonus of 100,000 points per wagon.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

The Slug Trolley appears as a playable unit in the 1.32.0 update.

Its Special Attack is deploying a wagon from above to attach with the Slug Trolley. Its wagons work as extra power for its standard attack; the more wagons attached, the stronger its attack. Once the Slug Trolley attaches all of its four wagons, its special is changed to a cannon barrage. All wagons will fire at once for a total of four shots. Unlike in Metal Slug 7/XX, the Slug Trolley's wagons are invulnerable.

Metal Slug Attack

The Slug Trolley appears as the final boss in the "Scary Halloween Party" Extra Ops and as a playable unit. Its standard and special attacks are still same as in Metal Slug Defense. Unlike its predecessor, the Slug Trolley now deploys from base with two of its wagons already attached; unlocking its fourth skill has all four wagons connected. The Slug Trolley is piloted by Tarma.


Slug Trolley: The original variant.
Slug Trolley Type-B: A blue colored variant. Its cannon fires guided bombs direct to the enemy. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • This was previously called the Slug Truck in Metal Slug 7 before it got renamed in Metal Slug XX.
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