The Slugnoid is a mechanized Super Vehicle developed by the Regular Army.


Developed by the Regular Army's engineers, the SVX-15D Slugnoid is a bipedal mech designed for combat in difficult terrain. It is equipped with rocket boosters that allows it to jump very high. Its main armament is the two vulcans attached to each of its sides, capable of rotating 360° and firing in different directions at the same time, although this requires some practice to control. The secondary weapon is an incendiary shell, which is fired from its frontal 120mm cannon in the pelvic area, excellent for decimating troops on a particular area (downward in gameplay). However, the Slugnoid is very slow and cumbersome, and will lose one of its vulcans whenever it is hit.

Introduced in Metal Slug 2's second mission inside the excavated tomb, it greatly helped the player against Aeshi Nero in the term of firepower. The player must also master this tricky machine while also observe and adapt the boss-attack pattern and when it's done, it will be an easy battle. Rumi Aikawa may have arranged the Slugnoid to be delivered inside the tomb. In the remake (Metal Slug X), it replaces the SV-001 during the sewer segment where it is obtainable (along with a Flame Shot) by winding up the crank with the arrow where the SV-001 was. There is also a second one obtainable by winding up another crank further ahead, which a second player can use it (it does not appear that often when there is only one player).

Lastly, in Metal Slug 7's third mission, the player will be able to use the Slugnoid near the start of the level. While in the remake, it is the opposite where it appears against the boss at the end of the level.



Slugnoid (Iron Lizard): This special variant of the normal Slugnoid first appears in the final mission of Metal Slug 3 when the player escapes the self-destructing Rugname. Along with its normal capabilities; the incendiary cannon shells are replaced with powerful fat, white Iron Lizard projectiles that run to the nearest enemy and explode. It also appears in Mission 3 of Metal Slug 4, where the player takes the cliff path that leads them to the Sasquatches. In the next area, there is a Slugnoid just up ahead with fat, white Iron Lizards once again. These bombs can transverse through the environment by jumping across platforms to reach for nearby enemies.
Slugnoid Chibi Artwork

Slugnoid Type-R: It appears in the Mission 1 of Metal Slug 3, when you choose the submarine path or the upper path, at the end of the level you can find a red-painted Slugnoid with a Reverse function similar to the SV-001 Type-R and equipped with fat, white Iron Lizards. There is also a second one if a second player is playing as well.

Leona Blue Slugnoid

Slugnoid Type-B: It only appears in Mission 4 of Metal Slug 7, when you get to the section with the man-eaters and flying killers, you can find a blue Slugnoid with a higher jumping capability than the standard version.

Slugnoid Type-G: A gold-colored variant piloted by Clark Still in Metal Slug Attack. It will appear in the v.4.4.0 update for the game, and is equipped with fat Iron Lizards.



Slugnoid official artwork

  • It is possible to get up to three Slugnoids in Metal Slug X during the Mutants sewer section of Mission 5 which can easily destroy the boss. Two of them being available by winding up levers and one of them appearing at the end of the level.
  • It also appears in Metal Slug Defense as a purchasable unit, but it fires double machine guns instead of Vulcan cannons.
  • Interestingly, in Metal Slug Defense, its special attack uses a fat, red-coloured Iron Lizard instead of the white ones like the arcade counterparts.
  • Though it does not have any protection on the driver's seat, the Slugnoid can still protect the player's character unlike the other Slugs with no hatch, helmet or protective covers.
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