The Sol Dae Rokker is the fourth boss from Metal Slug 3.


The Sol Dae Rokker is an instrument of the Sun God in Japanese mythology. This life form is in charge of protecting its ancient ruins from intruders. Due to the conflict of the Rebel Army and Regular Army around the ransacked ruins, Sol Dae Rokker became furious and started attacking anyone who is responsible.


The boss' only weak point is the small red jewel on its forehead. It attacks by charging the jewel with either red or yellow energy. The yellow beams will randomly spread, while the red beams fire in fast bursts that shoot towards the player. It can also charge a purple beam from its mouth, that can turn the player into coins (which can be collected afterwards for points). Occasionally, it will generate deadly wolf-shaped flying spirits that fly around for a while before finally crashing into the player. As an indicator to how much health it has left, the boss's color will gradually turn more red, and its attacks will speed up as well.


Sol Sol Dae Rokker: The one found in Metal Slug 3.
Sol Dae Rokker (Anima) MSA idle Sol Dae Rokker Anima: The damaged version of Sol Dae Rokker. It focuses on close quarters combat by purging enemies with its corrupted flames. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Sol Dae Rokker Origin: A Sol Dae Rokker that primarily focuses on targeting a specific area with numerous red beams. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Sol Dae Rokker Arche: Sol Dae Rokker now serving as a vessel for the gods as "Protos", bearing the same hue as Anima (though not broken). It launches beams at enemies and can also conjure pillars to smash its enemies. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
TendouSeiouRokkerVictoryLoop by Tomoe

Celestial Ruler Rokker

Celestial Ruler Rokker: Sol Dae Rokker's ultimate form. Much more mobile and is capable of launching powerful energy blasts. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.


  • "Sol Dae Rokker" is a corruption of the Spanish for "Sun [made] of rock" (Spanish: "Sol de roca").
  • The pillars located on the platform where the battle takes place look similar to the Aztec deity known as "Quetzalcoatl". Also the feather-like ornaments on the forehead of the boss may be a reference to the Aztec/Mayan culture.
  • In Metal Slug Defense, Sol Dae Rokker is the toughest flying unit in a game, with a total of 30,000 HP at Level 30. As a result, the Sol Dae Rokker is the toughest, highest deploy cost and the most expensive unit for Independent Faction (a special faction in MSD that reunites units working independently).
    • Sol Dae Rokker is tied with Rootmars for the hightest deploying cost in a game for 999 AP.
  • It appears again in Metal Slug Attack in the first "Score Attack" Extra Ops as both the Main Boss and Ranking Reward. This time, it appears in wrath mode (when it turns red), getting improved speed and firepower. Also, in place of it MSD's Special Attack, it now launch multiple red beams in a row.
  • It returns once again in the Extra Ops INVADER GIRL. After its destruction last time, it was rearmed by Natives (both normal mask and bird mask) and turned into its "Anima" form. In this form, its Close Range Attack leaves a fire trail, and it's Special Attack is similar to its normal form, but the beams stay on the floor and explode after some time (if Skill 3 is unlocked).


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