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The T-2B Melty Honey is a Rebel Army vehicle in the Metal Slug series.


The Melty Honey is a light tank/tankette focused on speed. It is lightly armored, meaning a few rounds can take it out. Because of this, a hefty spiked plate is added to the chassis of the Melty Honey for additional frontal defense. It uses many similar components of the Di-Cokka which allowed it to be mass-produced. Its only armament is the frontal cannon that fires slow guided missiles.

This vehicle can be easily destroyed if an ordnance bypasses the armor, like a Shotgun blast, a flanking attack or a melee when the player is right in front of it. A well-thrown grenade can also take out the driver/tank if thrown over the shield.


Meltyhoneygray.gif T-2B Melty Honey: This version is the most commonly seen. It is the original model, with all-around stats. An airborne version exists where it is held up on a wooden platform lifted by an armored balloon.
Meltyhoney.gif T-2B Melty Honey MK II: Just like the regular one in movement speed, this variant fires quicker and has slightly upgraded armor.
Armorless Melty Honey: The tank but without the armor. Found in Mission 3 of Metal Slug 4.
T-2B Melty Honey (Black): This version has all-around stats being just a repaint of the regular model. Found in the series' mobile games.
Metal Crow.gif Metal Claw: This tank is designed to move along with other tanks and provide support fire, just like the regular one in movement speed and attacks, but has less armor and can be ridden by the player when kill the pilot. The Metal Claw contains a Vulcan and its cannon fires Enemy Chaser. The frontal spike plate can take up to three hits until it wears off, and the tank also takes three hits before it explodes. The Metal Claw does not have any invincibility frames making it extremely fragile. Found in Metal Slug 4.
Melty Honey-rare.png Spikeless Armored Melty Honey: A variant that lacks the spikes on its armor. Only found in the 10th Anniversary site.
Ruby Claw: A red repaint of the Metal Claw. Its Vulcan cannon fires heavy machine gun rounds, and its cannon is instead a Big Shotgun. The frontal spike plate cannot be destroyed by bullets. Found in Metal Slug Attack.


  • The T-2B is likely based on either the American M7 Priest or the German Brümmbar tank, but it is more likely resembles the former because of its open-top design.


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