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Tani Oh (谷王 "Valley King") is the boss of Mission 3 from Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001.

Series Information

Tani Oh is a prototype heavy artillery tank armed with powerful, twin-barreled cannon capable of devastating large areas without much effort; these twin guns are possibly an experimental railgun, since their shots are instantaneous light bolts and the turret, instead of ejecting the expanded casings, discharges smoke and heat from the vents on its back. It is also equipped with two turrets on each side, both with a minigun and a mine launcher, to cover the tank in short range. Only one unit was produced, being used by the Rebels for testing purposes in the Käthehirt Valley region.


Tani Oh is a very simple, yet deadly boss. It moves in a lower platform compared to the player, so it will always be below the player, forcing the player to jump constantly (without the Metal Slug) to shoot at it. Its main weapon is the Andro Cannon, which not only covers a big area, but is also very fast. Tani Oh also launches mines everywhere in the player's path and will sometimes use its miniguns to attack the player. The airborne mines can be relayed back at Tani Oh for slight damage by shooting at them from above. When both turrets are destroyed, Tani Oh will constantly attack with its cannon, which goes a lot faster on its own, making the battle a lot harder.

In Other Games

Metal Slug: 2nd Mission

Tani Oh appears in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission for Missions 23 (The Tundra King) and 24 (The Ice Queen). The fight with Tani Oh has two phases. The first phase has Tani Oh tossing range sensitive land mines onto the ground and occasionally shooting a rocket in three directions (center, diagonally left, and diagonally right). The second phase has the Rebels coming in from both sides and tossing grenades. Its Andro Cannon also fires laser that goes vertically upward, which is dragged as Tani Oh moves. The laser is able to hurt the Rebels, and they sometimes drop a gas tank as they are killed.

Metal Slug SV-001

Tani Oh appears as the third boss. It is piloted by Warrant Officer Leta Kanikoja (レタ・カニコージャ). A lone Rebel Soldier is also on board the tank throwing grenades at Marco [1].

Metal Slug Defense

Tani Oh appears as a background boss in Metal Slug Defense in the Alaska stage in World 6. Tani Oh is placed in the bottom of screen which makes it very hard to damage it. However, Tani Oh can easily be destroyed via The Keesi II, Cabrakan 's Laser and Crablops' Leg jet engines.

Metal Slug Attack

In Metal Slug Attack, Tani Oh is featured as the Monday-Tuesday boss in the Day Specific Mission. Its battle arena is the same as in Metal Slug Defense.

Tani Oh has a special playable variant made for the "Santa Trap" Extra Ops, where its main cannon and mine launcher is facing horizontal in order for to fire its cannons against the enemy units in front. New variants use this design.

Nikita's Solanoid Cannon has the same laser as Tani Oh although with different attacking properties.


Tani Oh MSA idle.gif
Tani Oh: The original giant self-propelled artillery.
Tani Oh MK II MSA Idle.gif Tani Oh MK II: An orange-colored variant of Tani Oh, boasting stronger armor and armaments but still sharing the same function as the original. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Millefie-MSA-Idle.gif Iwa Oh: A greatly modified variant of Tani Oh, created by Millefie and draws inspiration from the Martians' use of quantum energy. It shares a similar but slightly weaker cannon, but shoots out flying mines and uses quantum energy to create a massive explosion covering even more range than that of Tani Oh. Millefie's Iwa Oh is also modified to serve as her living quarters. Appears in Metal Slug Attack.
Special Millefie MSA Idle.gif Armored Iwa Oh: A modified variant of Iwa Oh, this time better armored to suit Millefie's needs.
Iwa-Oh (Polar Version) MSA Idle.gif Polar Iwa Oh: A Christmas-themed variant of Iwa Oh designed for battle in arctic conditions.


  • The Mammoth Tank from the popular Command & Conquer series has a design similar to the Tani Oh. The quadruple treads and the dual cannons are the standout features.
  • Tani Oh's early design was based on British Churchil III heavy tank.
  • Another of Tani Oh's early designs resembles the British FV215 heavy gun tank prototype, though upon closer inspection, it appears to be a German Panzer IV-esque turret on the chassis of a Churchill tank.
  • The name "Tani Oh" means "Valley King" in Japanese (谷王).
  • Tani Oh is the only boss (and the only time in general) in the series that drops a Rocket Launcher instead of a Heavy Machine Gun when the players use a continue.



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