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The Tar Man is the original zombie found in Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 4.


This unique kind of zombie was the first one to appear at the quarantined area of the Monoeye UFO. It is much tougher than other zombies, due to the increased time it has been zombified, and also the most dangerous due to its speed, durability, and wide spray of deadly zombie goo. It can throw a large spread of zombie goo in an arc at its target. When situated on a platform directly above its target, it will drop down and try to land on its enemy.


  • This zombie is based on the Tar Man from the movie Return of the Living Dead.
  • In Metal Slug Defense appears as a purchasable unit and it is the only zombie that is a heavy unit.
  • In Metal Slug Attack Tar Man gain a new ability to seal enemy special attack and has ability to revive, with short amount of HP
  • In Metal Slug Defense there is an edited variant, called, "Red Tar-man," an upgraded Tar-man.
    • It can be unlocked in the, "Midsummer Horror Night Event," by rescuing all POWs in the, "Final Area."
    • This variant returned in Metal Slug Attack. It is obtainable during Extra Ops "Zombie Parade" by finding the POW on the "Rare Boss," and it has higher firepower and armor than original Tar Man. It still retains the sealing and revive ability, but the speed is much slower

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