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Termination is the thirty-eighth and final mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.

Mission Synopsis

Gimlet and Red Eye ignore orders and run to the heart of the Rebel Fortress to take down the Rebel Rocket. The Rebel Rocket has three parts.

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Part One: Destroy the three rocket engines. In intervals, the intact engines spew out fire in vertical columns. A Bazooka Rebel is always on screen.
M38B MS2ndM.png
Part Two: Destroy the body of the rocket. The rocket's wings slowly rotate toward the screen damaging Gimlet and Red Eye should they come in contact. Two Bazooka Rebels are always on screen.
M38D MS2ndM.png
Part Three: Head to the top right of the outer room (seen above) to access the rocket top. Destroy the two weapon layers surrounding the top. The weapon layers rotate and randomly stop to fire a homing missile, an electric spark, an exploding bowling ball, or a stream of fire. Two small platforms occasionally rise and fall.

Destroying the rocket causes the very tip to detach and fly to the outer room. This engages with the final fight with Commander Kanan (who is inside of the floating cone).

Pre-mission Calls


The bombers are in your area. Leave the site immediately! Do you hear? You’re ordered to evacuate!
Hear that?… Launch… countdown… continues… I don’t have time to escape. Resuming my mission! When it’s over come and get me. Well. It’s time to become a hero!

Red Eye

I found it! I found the launch pad!!
Red Eye! The bombing is about to begin! Get out fast!
Do you copy?…Launch …Countdown….. continues… I don’t have the time to escape. I got to go the distance now. I’ll stop the launch, or I’m no saboteur! It’s time!



Ending1 MS2ndM.png
My duty’s done. It seems the top brass classified my mission as a training drill. But surely a task like this should be called Second Mission. And I’m a real hero.
Ending2 MS2ndM.png
Whatever I’ve been through I am just happy to be alive! I’ve had enough of being a hero. But I’m sure lucky I survived! When I heard the rocket countdown, I honestly thought I’d bought it! Bathed in flames when I escaped, I thought I was toast. I owe a lot to that special ops agent!
Ending3 MS2ndM.png
Rebel resistance still continues, and the aliens’ll be contacted yet again, I’m sure. What a nuisance! I’m sure I’ll be sent out on yet another sortie. But until then, it’s party time! I really dig this peace thing!

Red Eye

Ending5 MS2ndM.png
My first mission is safely over. It sure was a crazy gig, and I was right in the center of it. I am one truly awesome babe! Being rescued by that PF Squad guy was kind of a bummer, but I’m alive, so I guess I can’t complain, eh?
Ending6 MS2ndM.png
I stopped a direct meeting between the aliens and rebels this time, but they’ll be at it again, I bet! We’d better be vigilant! But why help the rebels? I guess the aliens must be baddies, too; or…
Ending7 MS2ndM.png
It seems that the top brass is pleased with my mission (they’re calling it a Second Mission! Stupid name! It was my First one after all!). IHQ’s going to formally form a special ops squad. But can they find others as good as me? Oh well, I’ll be in shape to take up the slack! But now, I’m off for some R&R! Oh, yeah, this is the life!

Credits Image

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