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The Ice Queen is the twenty-fourth mission in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Red Eye can access this stage. One prisoner exists in this mission.

Mission Synopsis

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Red Eye arrives to the island and is told the Rebel base is just across Mt. Snow. The first part is using the elevators to climb up the mountains. The second part revolves driving through slippery ice and avoiding spike traps. While the first half is unique, the second half has the same layout as Mission 23 except with Red Eye traveling to the left.

Red Eye can only access the first half if she arrives from Mission 22. Either way, she always starts the mission boarding the Metal Slug Proto 2.

Rumi Aikawa, the lone prisoner in this mission, is hidden in a hut at the first half of the mission. Getting to this hut requires doing a Metal Slug Attack on the right edge of a platform where a GO sign that is pointing left is at. She gives the E-Armor to Red Eye.

The fight with the Tani-Oh has two phases. First phase has the Tani-Oh tossing range sensitive land mines onto the ground and occasionally shooting a rocket in three directions (center, diagonally left, and diagonally right). The second phase has the Rebels coming in from both sides and tossing grenades. The tank itself replaces its weapons with a laser that shoots upward, which is dragged as the Tani-Oh moves. The Rebels are able to receive friendly fire from the laser and sometimes drops a gas tank as they are killed.

The next destination depends whether Red Eye finishes the mission with the Metal Slug intact or not.

Pre-mission Calls

Arriving from Mission 20

I’m on the island! Request permission to assault the Rebel army base.
Is that Red Eye? I heard you were hot-headed. And the rumor seems true. To reach the base, take the mountain pass! Metal Slug Proto 2 is all set up for you to use! Good luck!

Arriving from Mission 22

Attack completed! Impressive, eh? If I’ve no other orders, I will resume my mission. I saw it! I fought it! A flying saucer! They were no bio weapons! I’ll prove that!
Announcing new orders from IHQ. Confirmed alien life-forms based on info analysis. Contact with Rebel Forces confirmed. They are headed for space in a rocket, it seems. The base is on a northeast isle. You’re asked to make a landing.
I knew it! Alien visitors! Right? Just like I said. Alien visitors?! Really? Talk about being in a pickle! Roger! I’ll land on the island. I’ll stop that rocket or I’m no saboteur!


  • Mission Complete on Foot: Proceed to Mission 30 (Crossed Paths)
  • Mission Complete with the Metal Slug: Proceed to Mission 31 (The Fortress)