M34A MS2ndM

The Stronghold is the thirty-fourth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Two prisoners exist in this mission.

Mission Synopsis

M34B MS2ndM

As Gimlet and Red Eye travel inside the Rebel Fortress, they find a power facility. When the mission starts, an exit door can be seen enclosed with an electric barrier on both sides. The barrier is removed by destroying the three power generators (shown right) that inhabit the building. The player cannot fight the second generator until the first one is destroyed (the same rule goes for the third). The power generators play similar to the Rebel VTOL from 1st Mission, moving around and shooting their Vulcan from an angle. The second and third arenas are covered with slippery ice. Once the player enters the exit door, the last obstacle is a mandatory R-Shobu fight before leaving.

Pre-mission Call


I can’t find the launch device. I’m entering the power generator. But wait! That guy’s got to be an alien! Why are the rebels mixed up with aliens? Was Morden really an alien?
IHQ seems to know all about this stuff. But we don’t have any info. Our sweep attack is getting results. At least most of the rebels are known to be human.
Roger! Resuming my mission now. Tell me if you get new info.

Red Eye

It’s Red Eye here. I found a suspicious building. Maybe an energy supply warehouse? No launch pad yet. Over. Do you have anything there?
The mission is going well. No info on the rocket launch facilities here. Continue search.
Roger! I’ll enter the building. Over! If it’s not the launch pad, I’ll blow it up!


Clearing this mission proceeds to Mission 37 (Lone Assault).