The Tundra King is the twenty-third mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Gimlet has access to this stage. One prisoner exists in this mission.

Mission Synopsis

After the denial of the information received, Gimlet jumps on the Metal Slug Proto 2 and starts traversing through Mt. Snow to North Harbor. The first part is using the elevators to climb up the mountains. The second part revolves driving through slippery ice and avoiding spike traps. Gimlet can only access the first half if he arrives from Mission 21.

The fight with the Tani-Oh has two phases. First phase has the Tani-Oh tossing range sensitive land mines onto the ground and occasionally shooting a rocket in three directions (center, diagonally left, and diagonally right). The second phase has the Rebels coming in from both sides and tossing grenades. The tank itself replaces its weapons with a laser that shoots upward, which is dragged as the Tani-Oh moves. The Rebels take damage from the laser and sometimes drops a gas tank as they are killed.

The next destination depends whether Gimlet finishes the mission with the Metal Slug intact.

Pre-mission Calls

Arrives from Mission 16

Details on the info received. Transmitting now. Don't wet your pants from shock!
What's this? Aliens? UFO? Just what's IHQ investigating? Is this for real?
A number of operative reports. We're trying to confirm these. To our knowledge, this is no hoax!
Who are you?
I'm from IHQ, Codename: Red Eye.
Code confirmed. I don't believe the stories, though!
Me neither!
You saw it? Isn't this it?
The official view is under wraps. Anyway, if this info's true... There's a secret rebel base on the northeast island.
It's true!!... I think.
All right. OK. Anyway, with the Metal Slug Proto 2 here... I'll go over the mountain to North Harbor. Out!

Arrives from Mission 21

Have you able to confirm? That guy... What's that? Yeah, I know. It's what we call a UFO, eh?
Confirmed. Truth is unclear, but it's seen as a new rebel weapon.
A new weapon? And I must've seen the pilot. That octopus...... it was... an alien visitor? Just who are we fighting here?
The rebel army! Mission resumes. So cross over the mountains with Metal Slug Proto 2 and deliver it to North Harbor.
Hey! Wait up! Answer me!
Then we're up against alien visitors?... Like octopi? Over and out.


  • Mission Complete: Proceeds to Mission 26 (Decoy Strategy).
  • Misson Completed with the Metal Slug: Proceeds to Mission 28 (Unearthly Silence).