The Thunder Cloud is a secret weapon in Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug 4.


This is a top secret weapon whose ammo canister is loaded with nanobots that generates an artificial thunder cloud loaded with negative electromagnetic energy. The cloud will hover over the nearest target and zap it with lightning bolts. Once all of the nanobots' energy is used or another weapon is collected, the cloud will dissipate.

In Other Games

Metal Slug 7/XX

While the item does not appear in game, the Thunder Shot can be seen as an evolution of the Thunder Cloud. The Thunder Shot fires a stream of lightning that homes on the closest targets. If there is a single target, then the lighting stream will circle inside the target until the stream disappears.

Metal Slug Attack

Two units make use of the Thunder Cloud as an attack:

  • Cleopatra naturally makes clouds above the front-most opposing units. Her special attack is sending a larger lightning-strike.
  • Lightning Fio uses a Thunder Cloud (or three at once after a skill unlock) as her long range attack. These clouds continuously hover to the nearest units and strike as Fio shoots.
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