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The Thunder Shot is a special weapon introduced in Metal Slug 7. It is represented by the icon T.gif.


This weapon creates a strong pulse of electricity that auto targets on any possible enemy and hits almost instantly, being capable of piercing through armor and hitting multiple targets at once with a single shot. All of this come at the cost of very low ammo.

In Metal Slug XX's Survival Mode, this weapon, alongside the Enemy Chaser and Zantetsu Sword, isn't used. It is instead replaced with steel hand grenades or a coin.

According to Metal Slug Attack, this weapon was invented by Midori. Lightning Fio uses the Thunder Shot as her special attack, however it is inaccurate as the stream doesn't home onto enemies. Ami fires two different colored Thunder Shots; the red Thunder Shot is more accurate and splits into two blue streams.


Game Difficulty Marco/Eri/Tarma/Clark Fio Ralf Leona
Metal Slug 7/XX Beginner 40 60 20 48
Normal/Hard 20 30 10 24

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