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Towa is a new unit introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Formerly an independent mechanic, she created her own robot that she uses to fight in the battlefield. She obtained the parts by stealing them from the Ptolemaic Army, but was eventually caught during one of these endeavors. Dragunov prepared to have her executed for stealing, but Caroline saw her talents and protected her, even offering her a spot in the army. Towa accepted her offer, becoming instant friends with her and working hard to gain the rest of the army's trust.

She's somewhat timid but will show resolve to protect her friends and allies. Though she enjoys working with the Ptolemaic Army due to being close to drills and having made a new family, Towa appears to have trouble dealing with their shenanigans every day, as implied with Little Lady Black's personality.

As a result of her officially joining the Ptolemaic Army, she eventually found self-healing technology and a scalable drill and used it to strengthen her robot. Her mechanical skills also seem to have improved greatly after joining, as completion of her featured story ("Cloak of Darkness") mention that her skills are second only to Caroline's.

Towa has an obsession with drills, and implements them on every machine she constructs - almost every machine that she has a major role in its development has drills of some sort.


Extra Ops

She makes her debut in "Eternal Way", where she accompanies Caroline in taking down a Sea Satan+.

While working with the growing Ptolemaic rebellion, Towa accompanies Caroline in testing some new machinery when they are captured by Rebel forces. Dion introduces himself to the two mechanics. While they resist and free some prisoners, Towa is forced to leave Caroline behind when the door shuts down on her.

Later on she is assigned guard duty at a tropical island when she sees several women on the beach near their base. She attempts to communicate with them and warns them to leave, but only Rita hears her and knows that she is coming to fight. Rita easily destroys the Augensterm which she is piloting. Initially believing that she will be killed, Towa is bewildered when Rita tells her not to invade the beach (interpreting her message incorrectly) and has her play with the others, much to her disdain.

When Caroline returns from Rebel captivity, Towa works with her friend in creating the Spiral Nokana. They test it on the Rebel Army and are confronted by Conny. Conny's glare scares Towa, and she nervously asks Caroline to leave before she does something to them. Caroline retreats with Towa after pleading with Conny to stop stealing.

Towa and Caroline soon develop the D-001 Tanbal, but are unable to find anyone to pilot it. Towa tells Caroline she would have failed the test too with the questions she put, and suggests that she interview them instead. The following day, Dragunov introduces Corporal Phoebe to them, who passed their test. When Phoebe returns from a United Front operation, Caroline leaves Towa behind when she gives her United Front coins. Towa tells Phoebe to be more relaxed, but Phoebe insists otherwise and addresses Caroline as a lady, much to Towa's surprise.

Towa is later working at the workshop when she encounters Yoshino and Sho training. Though Sho is injured, he tells her not to make a fuss out of it or he would have to retake basic training again, which he does not want. Later on Dragunov and Caroline come in following a failed experiment, and Towa faints from all the stress of her new family. When she comes to, Caroline asks if she could use her personality as the base for her latest creation, which she accepts. Much to their surprise, the creation, Little Lady Black, goes on a rampage upon meeting Dragunov and Yoshino, and even passes this rage onto the passing Odette and Nowan. Following the two Invaders' withdrawal, Towa comments on the surprising personality of Little Lady Black.

Following several Martian attacks on Ptolemaic facilities, Caroline develops a Space Wall Drone and Quadro Jumper to deal with them. Towa is unsure whether or not they will be up to the test and if an attack is coming, but Caroline is sure they will work and that she has predicted the next attack. As expected, a Martian, Code Marionette:Un arrives and starts a fight. Towa constantly panics throughout the battle, but is able to persuade Caroline to retreat when the base starts collapsing.

In a flashback where Dragunov begins her rebellion, Towa is unsure whether or not to side with the rebellion at first, but an ominous glare from Dragunov prompts her to join the rebellion. She develops a new machine and hears about the Rebel Army's Mini-Bata, creating a Try Line shopping list which included the said weaponry. She fights Destrade and Huracan to claim the Mini-Bata, although she is unsuccessful and defeated, albeit spared.

Following a large battle between the Rebel and Ptolemaic armies, Towa is stationed at a nearby base wondering where Caroline had gone. A soldier informs her that she went to the battlefield to scavenge machinery, prompting Towa to rush there in a hurry as she fears there may be enemies in hiding. Towa finds Caroline casually speaking with a woman and tells Caroline to get away as the woman is affiliated with the Rebel Army. The woman still stands despite being hit by the Screamer, who introduces herself to the two as Padwah. Towa recognizes the threat of Padwah's giant wheel, and becomes baffled when Caroline calls her "Paddy". After the Screamer is destroyed and Padwah apprehends Caroline, Towa decides to accompany Caroline as a prisoner, not wanting to leave her like before.

Her time in the Rebel Army does not last long however, as Yutong later breaks the two out of custody.

She later accompanies her friend in investigating vampire reports, but are forced to halt it after learning that their fellow comrades are going on a rampage. After quelling the soldiers, she tells Caroline to slow down as they head to the United Front shop.

Another Story

She accompanies Caroline on a mission to obtain the Tani Oh, after being ordered to by Dragunov in "Cloak of Darkness". During the mission, Towa learns more about Caroline and her interest in war machines. When Shizuka infiltrates the camp to assassinate the force's leader, Towa swiftly intervenes but finds herself overpowered by the more experienced kunoichi. However, Caroline wakes up and saves her, forcing Shizuka to retreat. Towa is nervous about continuing but Caroline convinces her to press on, as the Rebel forces are spread thin. They are eventually successful in capturing the Tani Oh and bring it back to base.

Towa makes a small appearance in "Scrap Memory", where she is called into a secret meeting by Dragunov. She is surprised and baffled to learn that her superior is planning to start a rebellion against Ptolemaios and Mira, but joins their cause.




  • Her name presumably comes from the Japanese word "Towa", which means "eternity". It is also a reference to her being the primary protagonist of her introductory Extra Ops.
  • Towa is the second Ptolemaic Army newcomer that doesn't die - rather, upon being defeated, she abandons her mech and flees the battlefield.
    • The exceptions are her Rebellion and Christmas variants (the latter being a reskin of her Rebellion variant) - as the mech is modified to hover, it blinks rapidly (like a critically damaged Slug) before exploding and sending her hurling towards the ground.
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