Towa is a new unit introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Formerly an independent mechanic, she created her own robot that she uses to fight in the battlefield. She obtained the parts by stealing them from the Ptolemaic Army, but was eventually caught during one of these endeavors. Dragunov prepared to have her executed for stealing, but Caroline saw her talents and protected her, even offering her a spot in the army. Towa accepted her offer, becoming instant friends with her and working hard to gain the rest of the army's trust.

She's somewhat timid but will show resolve to protect her friends and allies.

As a result of her officially joining the Ptolemaic Army, she eventually found self-healing technology and a scalable drill and used it to strengthen her robot. Her mechanical skills also seem to have improved greatly after joining, as completion of her featured story ("Cloak of Darkness") mention that her skills are second only to Caroline's.


Extra Ops

She makes her debut in "Eternal Way", where she accompanies Caroline in taking down a Sea Satan+.

While working with the growing Ptolemaic rebellion, Towa accompanies Caroline in testing some new machinery when they are captured by Rebel forces. Dion introduces himself to the two mechanics. While they resist and free some prisoners, Towa is forced to leave Caroline behind when the door shuts down on her.

Later on in "Tropical Battles", she is assigned guard duty when she sees several women on the beach near their base. She attempts to communicate with them and warns them to leave, but only Rita hears her and knows that she is coming to fight. Rita easily destroys the Augensterm which she is piloting. Initially believing that she will be killed, Towa is bewildered when Rita tells her not to invade the beach (interpreting her message incorrectly) and has her play with the others, much to her distaste.

Another Story

She accompanies Caroline on a mission to obtain the Tani Oh, after being ordered to by Dragunov in "Cloak of Darkness". During the mission, Towa learns more about Caroline and her interest in war machines. When Shizuka infiltrates the camp to assassinate the force's leader, Towa swiftly intervenes but finds herself overpowered by the more experienced kunoichi. However, Caroline wakes up and saves her, forcing Shizuka to retreat. Towa is nervous about continuing but Caroline convinces her to press on, as the Rebel forces are spread thin. They are eventually successful in capturing the Tani Oh and bring it back to base.

Towa makes a small appearance in "Scrap Memory", where she is called into a secret meeting by Dragunov. She is surprised and baffled to learn that her superior is planning to start a rebellion against Ptolemaios and Mira, but joins their cause.


  • Her name presumably comes from the Japanese word "Towa", which means "eternity". It is also a reference to the female main antagonist in Dragon Ball Universe with the same name.



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