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The Tripod is an enemy Martian vehicle found in Metal Slug Infinity.


The Tripod is a walking transport machine for the Mars People. Its design resembles a Crab-Tank; it features a sleek, bug-like shell with four connected tentacles at its belly (three as legs and one as the tail) and a singular eye. The eye can fire multiple green projectiles at enemy units. The Tripod summons Mars People for protection.

The Tripod appears in Metal Slug Infinity as an occasional stage boss. Like with all large-scale boss vehicles, the Tripod is also a Slug (rated: SSR) that anyone can pilot.


  • Tripod: The original tripedal robot.
  • Mars Box: The Tripod inside of a Christmas gift box. Its eye shoots lasers instead of projectiles. Appears in Metal Slug Infinity.



  • While the Mars Mecha is more of a spoof, the Tripod greater resembles the Fighting Machines (also known as Tripods) from H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds.
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